Jesse Duplantis Ministries Live Stream Sunday Service (January-17-2021)

Sunday, 17 January 2021 11:03

JOIN Sunday Service with Jesse Duplantis, Live Stream (January-17-2021).

Did you know that you can now watch and stream live Sunday services by Jesse Duplantis online for free at your home? Did you know that you can now connect with billions of people online worldwide and make a difference every Sunday with Jesse Duplantis? Yes, you can do it. You can now join Jesse Duplantis ministries live every Sunday and make a difference. At a free cost, you can steam live Sunday service with Jesse Duplantis at your home.

With the Sunday service live stream with Jesse Duplantis, the preacher delivers messages and sermons that corrects and directs our lives. Join the Sunday service with Jesse Duplantis every Sunday morning here in this website and become the very best of yourself. Are you suffering from an addiction? Do you really understand the gospel? How prepared are you to meet Christ? Jesse Duplantis live today is changing lives and bring out the best in people through the live Sunday services with Jesse Duplantis and is help billions study the Bible in order to have all questions answered. Join us now and take the next step of faith in Christ. I do not know about you but I have decided to sacrifice my time for God and only God. Join us now and make a difference and an impact in society. 

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Jesse Duplantis Ministries Live Stream Sunday Service (January-17-2021)
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Jesse Duplantis

Jesse Duplantis, born on July 9, 1949, was raised as a Catholic and a Cajun. He grew up in Houma, Louisiana. As a member of the band "Summer Wine," he performed under the stage name "Jerry Jaxon." His mother used to call him a heathen and he learned to play guitar, specifically blues guitar, from a neighbour on a one-stringed banjo. He earned a living as an opening act and back-up band for jazz groups. Duplantis also performed as ...