Jesse Duplantis

The Untold Love of the Nameless, Part 1 - Jesse Duplantis (June-20-2019)

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The Untold Love of the Nameless, Part 1 - Jesse Duplantis (June-20-2019)

Jesse Duplantis (June-20-2019) Sermon: The Untold Love of the Nameless, Part 1. Jesus Christ wasn’t alone in His ministry. He not only had His twelve disciples backing Him, but also “…many others, which ministered unto Him of their substance” (Luke 8:1-3). This powerful and moving teaching by Jesse Duplantis reveals the role of those who don’t get the praise, but definitely deserve the glory! Discover your place in Christ’s ministry!

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Jesse Duplantis, born on July 9, 1949, was raised as a Catholic and a Cajun. He grew up in Houma, Louisiana. As a member of the band "Summer Wine," he performed under the stage name "Jerry Jaxon." His mother used to call him a heathen and he learned to play guitar, specifically blues guitar, from a neighbour on a one-stringed banjo. He earned a living as an opening act and back-up band for jazz groups. Duplantis also performed as a glam metal replacement guitarist for several hig...

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