Sermons by Jesse Duplantis 2022

Jesse & Cathy Duplantis - Watch Sermon: The Power Of Thank You. Discover the power of a grateful heart as Jesse and Cathy share this insightful message from the JDM Boardroom. Learn how the words, “thank you” are two of the most important words in the English language that can…

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Jesse Duplantis - Message: Take Courage And Be Of Good Cheer! The JOY of the Lord is your STRENGTH! Get ready to be filled with JOY as Jesse and Cathy share Biblical wisdom and fun stories of encouragement.
Jesse Duplantis - Sermon: You are a Candidate for a Miracle, Part 1. Do you have a hard time believing that God will do a miracle for you? Jesse shares faith-filled Scripture and personal testimonies that will build mountain-moving trust in God for your miracle.
Faith the Facts with Jesse: Experience LIBERTY in the Midst of LOCKDOWN! – Jesse Duplantis. In this episode of Faith the Facts, Jesse shares how to get rid of your yokes of bondage by the SPIRIT of God. Whom the SON sets FREE is free INDEED!
Jesse Duplantis - Sermon: Occupying Until He Comes Is A Matter of Business. Are you about the Father’s business? Jesus is coming BACK, and it is TIME to OCCUPY until He comes! Watch this powerful message from Jesse, and get ready to learn how to command your future!
Jesse & Cathy Duplantis - Watch Boardroom Chat: Delighting In The Lord Is The Secret Of Your Future.
Faith the Facts: Have You Touched Jesus? - Jesse Duplantis | November-16-2022. When you touch Jesus, everything changes! Watch this Faith the Facts with Jesse and learn how to tap into the presence of God in order to receive your miracle. Like, share, and FAITH the facts!
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Sermons by Jesse Duplantis 2022
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