Sermons by Jesse Duplantis 2022

The sermon "Having Right Views Of Freedom" by Jesse Duplantis. Get ready to soar as Jesse shares from the Word of God and reveals freedom from God’s point of view. You’ll learn to recognize and accept the liberty Jesus bought for you in every area of your life.

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The Day A Christian Stops Being A Child - Jesse Duplantis (sermon online). Get ready to renew the child in you as Jesse shares how important “childlikeness” is in your walk with Christ. You’ll learn how possessing a childlike heart and how remaining receptive, trustful, and full of wonder will…
Jesse & Cathy Duplantis - Watch Boardroom Chat: “Keep” Is A Great Word For Christianity! It’s time to take ownership of your choices! Join Jesse and Cathy in the Boardroom as they teach you how to “KEEP” yourself incorruptible in the sight of God.
Jesse Duplantis - Getting Happiness To Flow Daily In Your Life (sermon online). Learn how the wisdom of God—Jesus Christ—is the key to a continually happy Christian life.
Faith the Facts: Jesus…Our Savior And Judge - Jesse Duplantis | July-27-2022. Jesus is coming back…SOONER than you think! Watch this Faith the Facts and learn more about Jesus as both our Savior and Judge.
Increase Is Not An Accident, It’s An Association - Jesse Duplantis (sermon online). Learn to associate yourself with the Anointed One Who desires to increase your life for His glory. Your blessing is not an accident. Stay linked up to Jesus and prosper the way God wants you to—spiritually, physically,…
Jesse Duplantis-Built To Last (sermon online). In this profoundly inspiring teaching, you will see and understand how, like Paul, you are a “good soldier of the cross.” Get ready to receive great confidence and holy boldness in your divine position.
Sermons by Jesse Duplantis 2022
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