Sermons by Jesse Duplantis 2022

Jesse & Cathy Duplantis - Watch Boardroom Chat: Sound Words Will Make YOU Sound! No matter what is going on in this world, God is still in control! In this chat Jesse and Cathy teach on the importance of believing the sound Word of God!

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Faith the Facts: Are You Feeling Burnt Out? - Jesse Duplantis | November-09-2022. Do not be weary in WELL doing! Be empowered to keep the FAITH as you watch this teaching from Jesse.
Jesse Duplantis - Sermon: What a Difference a Day Makes. Are you ready to be VICTORIOUS in every area of your life? The RESURRECTION POWER has been given to all mankind... all you have to do is RECEIVE it! Watch Jesse’s 2020 Easter message and be blessed!
Jesse Duplantis - Sermon: The Day Jesus Came to Town, Part 2. When Jesus made His triumphal entry on Palm Sunday, He announced Himself as the King of Kings. Be inspired as Jesse teaches you the significance of this momentous event and how that day fulfilled Scripture for your victory.
Jesse & Cathy Duplantis - Sermon: Let Him Who Stole...Steal No MORE! Take back what the enemy has stolen from you! Jesse and Cathy share a powerful message from the JDM Boardroom. Be ENCOURAGED that God will open doors that no man can shut in times of uncertainty! God is…
Jesse Duplantis - Watch Sermon: The Motive And Sum Of Christian Life, Part 1. Jesse delivers an insightful, passionate teaching that will help you see how a fully surrendered life in Christ leads to a future of limitless possibilities. Discover the power and joy that comes by living in complete…
Faith the Facts with Jesse: Have Faith that God Will Restore Your Family! - Jesse Duplantis. Is the stress of life breaking apart your family? Watch this special message from Jesse as he shares Biblical truths about how God’s people can live together in UNITY during these uncertain times.
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Sermons by Jesse Duplantis 2022
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