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The sermon "Failure Is Not An Option" (full version) - 2017 Southwest Believers’ Convention - Jesse Duplantis. Use your faith for the impossible as you listen to Jesse Duplantis during the 2017 Southwest Believers' Convention. Strengthen your faith knowing that failure is not an option. 


God Has a Hard Time Saying No - Jesse Duplantis (sermon online). God certainly answers prayers.


Jesse Duplantis LIVE with Sid Roth. Sid Roth: Jessie says if we yield to the Holy Spirit during this show there will be a major move of God. I know I will be yielding! Also joining us are my friends Dr. Kevin Zadai and Dr. Keith Ellis. The anointing on them is sky-high and I expect everyone needing a healing miracle will be healed! We are also making available Jesse's two-book set Wanting a God You Can Talk To & The Big 12. God wants ...

The fragment of sermon "Three Aspects Of Joy" - Jesse Duplantis (online). Have you spent time in God’s presence today? Jesus is waiting and wants to give you something that will bring you strength, peace and rest, no matter what’s happening around you—His JOY! Get ready for your spirit and soul to take flight as Jesse explores three aspects of joy that will enlighten and empower you in your faith journey.


This Week with Jesse Duplantis - short Sermon


The sermon "Healthy Teaching" by Jesse Duplantis (online). No matter what state you’re in spiritually, physically, or financially, this teaching can help you get every area of your life in tiptop shape.


The sermon "Having Right Views Of Freedom" by  Jesse Duplantis. Get ready to soar as Jesse shares from the Word of God and reveals freedom from God’s point of view. You’ll learn to recognize and accept the liberty Jesus bought for you in every area of your life.


The Day A Christian Stops Being A Child - Jesse Duplantis (sermon online).  Get ready to renew the child in you as Jesse shares how important “childlikeness” is in your walk with Christ. You’ll learn how possessing a childlike heart and how remaining receptive, trustful, and full of wonder will usher you into the abundant life your Father desires for you to have.

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