Sermons by Jesse Duplantis 2023

Faith the Facts: Leave The Past Behind You - Jesse Duplantis (January-06-2021). It’s the FIRST episode of Faith the Facts in 2021! Watch this power-packed teaching from Jesse and get ready to leave the PAST behind you.

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Jesse Duplantis (January-06-2021) Watch Sermon: It's Fun Doing The Impossible, Vol 3 Pt 1. Is God calling you to believe Him for the impossible in your life? Maybe you have given up on a dream because it seemed highly improbable to ever come to pass. Jesse is going to rekindle…
Jesse Duplantis (January-04-2021) Watch Sermon: Doing the Things I Can’t Do, Part 1. Discover how empowering it is to move beyond what you can do and into what God can do THROUGH you as Jesse inspires you to remove the limits and step out in faith. No matter who you…
Jesse Duplantis (January-01-2021) Watch Message: Was Jesus Insane? Ha-He-He-He! The Merry Heart Doeth Good Like a Medicine series is the perfect way to introduce your family and friends to the joy of knowing Jesus. Each volume is filled with humorous and heart-touching sermon illustrations that everyone will enjoy.
Jesse Duplantis (December-31-2020) Watch Sermon: Our God Will Not Break His Covenant! What do you want the Lord to do in 2021? God is waiting on YOU to say something! Watch this power-packed teaching from Jesse and Cathy, and GET READY to step into the new year with unshakable faith…
Faith the Facts: Never Lose Your Great Expectation - Jesse Duplantis (December-30-2020). This year of 2020 is coming to an end, and Jesse has an encouraging message to share with YOU! Watch this episode of Faith the Facts and remember to NEVER lose sight of your great expectation.
Courtesy: The Sister Of Love - Jesse Duplantis (December-28-2020)
Sermons by Jesse Duplantis 2023
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