Jim Staley - "And He Rested" - Should Christians Keep the Sabbath?

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Friday, 17 December 2021 10:17

In a culture where businesses are open 24 hours a day, fast food is a regular diet, and both spouses in most families are working around the clock just to make ends meet, a day of rest is not even on the radar for many Christian households. But because the Sabbath is number four in the Ten Commandments, it is more important than ever for us to finally answer some of the most imperative questions of our time:
Is the Biblical Sabbath Relevant for today?
Does God even care on which day we celebrate it?
Who changed the Sabbath day: God or man?
Doesn't the New Testament tell us that we don't have to keep it anymore?
If the seventh-day Sabbath is for today, how do we keep it in today's culture?
Will we be keeping the Sabbath during the millennium?
This teaching goes into great depth to answer those questions and more! Join Pastor Jim Staley as he leaves no stone unturned and challenges even the brightest Biblical students to take a second look at what The Bible calls, "The seal of His people."

Jim Staley - "And He Rested" - Should Christians Keep the Sabbath?
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Pastor Jim has been married to Cheryl Staley since 1996 and has six daughters: Hannah, Sierra, Alayna, Meleah, Kylah, and Selah. For years, Jim was an evangelical Christian apologist in the St. Louis area, teaching Bible study classes as well as helping Christians learn to defend the Bible and evangelize. He then had a supernatural experience and introduction to understanding the Bible through the original authors’ mindset and those in the Fir ...

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