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Thursday, 15 January 2015 10:56

Torah Portion: Shemini (Eighth) This is one of my favorite sections of scriptures in all the bible. Instead of speaking on what he had planned, the Holy Spirit at the last minute moved Jim to speak on Leviticus 9-11. This is a very Spirit-inspired message of how the anointing of the High Priest and the required holiness laws relate to us today as believers. If you have any kind of ongoing struggle with any kind of sin, this message will give you a fresh perspective on how to get rid of that sin once and for all and become all that you were meant to be in Messiah.

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Jim Staley - Torah Portion - Shemini - PFT Fellowship
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Pastor Jim has been married to Cheryl Staley since 1996 and has six daughters: Hannah, Sierra, Alayna, Meleah, Kylah, and Selah. For years, Jim was an evangelical Christian apologist in the St. Louis area, teaching Bible study classes as well as helping Christians learn to defend the Bible and evangelize. He then had a supernatural experience and introduction to understanding the Bible through the original authors’ mindset and those in the Fir ...