Understanding Joseph's Experience - Jim Staley (April-09-2021)

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Thursday, 08 April 2021 23:43

Jim Staley (April-09-2021) Watch Sermon: Understanding Joseph's Experience. “God believes in you because it is His Spirit that is in you! He allows trials and tribulations to come to your life because He wants to promote you! I have said this from the stage many times, but I had never experienced it. Trials and tribulations are just the interviews for your promotion and until you pass that interview, you cannot be promoted. God saw that Joseph needed to be promoted, the prophecies were there, the prophetic code was there, everything was there. But in order for Joseph to be promoted by the Father, his character needed to be qualified because he took for granted the favor that he had from God and from his father and that brought spiritual pride.” – Jim Staley

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Understanding Joseph's Experience - Jim Staley (April-09-2021)
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Pastor Jim has been married to Cheryl Staley since 1996 and has six daughters: Hannah, Sierra, Alayna, Meleah, Kylah, and Selah. For years, Jim was an evangelical Christian apologist in the St. Louis area, teaching Bible study classes as well as helping Christians learn to defend the Bible and evangelize. He then had a supernatural experience and introduction to understanding the Bible through the original authors’ mindset and those in the Fir ...