Jimmy Evans

Jimmy Evans

Jimmy and Karen bring more than 25 years of experience equipping and teaching couples, fulfilling MarriageToday’s mission to restore the dream of marriage in America. Jimmy and Karen know firsthand that no marriage is hopeless. The first few years of their own marriage were tumultuous and almost ended in divorce. Only by applying the principles that they now teach were they able to save their relationship. Today, after 40 years together, they understand that no matter how bleak a marriage may appear, every couple has a 100% change of success in marriage. In fact, it can thrive! Jimmy and Karen divide their time between Amarillo, Texas, where Jimmy serves as Head Elder of Trinity Fellowship, and Dallas, the location of MarriageToday’s headquarters. He and Karen have two grown children and five grandchildren.

Don't File For Divorce, There is Hope for Your Marriage - Dave and Ashley Willis (January-15-2020).

Wednesday, 08 January 2020 00:03

Jimmy Evans – The Word War (January-08-2020)

Jimmy Evans (January-08-2020) Sermon: The Word War 

Sexual Fantasies - Dave and Ashley Willis. Podcast (December-17-2019). On this episode of the Naked Marriage podcast, Dave and Ashley Willis tackle the provocative and often undiscussed topic of sexual fantasies within marriage. They address some common misconceptions about sexual fantasies, healthy and Biblical boundaries for sexual expression, and the God-given freedom couples should enjoy being creative and playful in the bedroom.

Jimmy Evans (December-11-2019) Sermon: Secrets to Lifelong Passion. Everyone wants to experience a love that lasts a lifetime. For many, the dream of lifelong love has become a nightmare filled with disappointment and heartache. In this message, Jimmy Evans will share the secrets to lasting passion and sexual fulfillment. When you and your spouse commit to these time-tested principles, your relationship will thrive and get better year after year. No matter where your marriage is today, you can have a Lifelong Love Affair.

Sleep Divorce - Dave and Ashley Willis. Podcast (November-29-2019). On this episode of The Naked Marriage podcast, Dave and Ashley Willis address a rising issue in marriages called Sleep Divorce. Together they discuss why this is becoming more of an issue, the repercussions it can have on your marriage, and some solutions to common causes.

Dave and Ashely Willis (November-22-2019) Podcast: Warning Lights in Marriage. On this episode of The Naked Marriage podcast, Dave and Ashley discuss how marriage, just like a car, can have warning lights to show you that there could be a bigger problem. Learn how to watch for the warning signs in your marriage so it can continue to strengthen and grow.

Jimmy Evans (September-24-2019) Sermon: Training Your Mouth for Marriage. “In this XO NOW clip, Jimmy Evans teaches us the impact our words have on our marriage. How well you communicate has a direct correlation to the success of your relationship. Your marriage will never rise above the level of your mouth.”

Christian Motivation - THE POWER OF A PRAYING COUPLE!

Jimmy Evans (August-21-2019) Sermon: Marriage is a Sacrifice. In this clip from the 2019 XO Conference, Jimmy Evans teaches how today’s society has made marriage into a contractual agreement when God created it to be a sacrificial covenant that will last the rest of your life.

The Importance of Having Couple Friends - Dave and Ashley Willis (August-19-2019).  On this episode of The Naked Marriage podcast, Dave and Ashley Willis talk about the importance of being so intentional in making couple friends in your marriage, no matter how difficult or awkward it may be.

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