Flat Earth Theory Destroyed | Tipping Point | End Times Teaching - Jimmy Evans

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Wednesday, 05 January 2022 01:06

Jimmy Evans - Watch End Times Teaching: Flat Earth Theory Destroyed | Tipping Point. In today's special Q&A edition of Tipping Point, we are giving you a free preview of some of our weekly subscriber content. Each week, our endtimes.com subscribers receive not only Pastor Jimmy's end times teaching, but also a news segment and a time of subscriber Q&A. Enjoy three of our favorite questions today, and join us at endtimes.com today!

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Flat Earth Theory Destroyed | Tipping Point | End Times Teaching - Jimmy Evans
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  • Comment Link Steve Monday, 07 February 2022 11:22 posted by Steve

    Pastor Evans, I have been a long time listener to your preaching and video series tipping point. Your messages have always inspired me and helped me to inspire others. I recently left a comment on the video you posted about flat earth. It wasn’t very nice. I wanted to apologize directly to you. I was very offended that after all the years of listening to you preach, You could possibly say that what the Bible says in regards to the shape of earth, the firmament and what it represents could be mistaken for “The ground”. Until that moment, I held your view about eschatological teaching in a very high regard. After that comment, I sincerely have a hard time digesting anything you say anymore. If your views or teachings are that misleading in the most basic of Biblical teaching IN GENESIS of all places, How can anything else you teach have merit? Of course, I’ve studied on many of your topics. I do believe you teach sound doctrine. I don’t just listen I also research for myself... However, I would advise treading lightly or even staying away from Flat earth topics. People that believe in a flat Biblical earth are some of the most devout God fearing and God loving people on earth. We are not misled. We are not crazy. We are not jaded. We ARE, However liberated from worldly teachings and refuse to look through the lense of deception that the world regurgitates as truth.

  • Comment Link Eileen Schwartz Wednesday, 02 February 2022 14:23 posted by Eileen Schwartz

    Why is the video 'flat earth theory destroyed' not available and labeled private....I believe in the earth being a globe/sphere and wanted to hear what you had to say on this subject..can I have access to this video??

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