Dream It, Believe It, Live It! - Joel Osteen Daily Devotion (June-03-2022)

Thursday, 02 June 2022 23:18

Joel Osteen (June-02-2022) Daily Devotion: Dream It, Believe It, Live It!

TODAY'S SCRIPTURE: Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. Philippians 1:6, NIV

TODAY'S WORD: Learning to walk in the destiny God has for you is a process. The first step is to get a vision, a clear picture from God that you can see. The next step is to trust Him—to believe in faith that it will happen. And then finally, you take a step of faith and live out what God has promised no matter what your circumstances or people around you have to say. First you dream it, then you believe it, and then you live it. We see in Scripture that the great men and women of the Bible walked through this same process to receive their dreams from God. They had to overcome doubts, they struggled on their journey, but they held fast to what God said, knowing that He is faithful to complete what He started in us! 

Today, if you are having a hard time believing what God has promised will come to pass, understand that you are in a process. Don’t empower doubt with your words. Instead, keep declaring that He who promised is faithful! Keep the vision in front of you, knowing that it is for an appointed time. Dream it and believe it because it won’t be long until you are living the blessed life God has prepared for you!

PRAYER FOR TODAY: Father, thank You for choosing and equipping me to fulfill my destiny. I receive Your promises by faith knowing that You who began a good work will be faithful to complete it in my life. Thank You for Your peace and guidance every step of the way in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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Dream It, Believe It, Live It! - Joel Osteen Daily Devotion (June-03-2022)
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  • Comment Link Pamela L Henderson Friday, 03 June 2022 08:42 posted by Pamela L Henderson

    Crazy faith 💃 God is in control Amen God will bring it to pass saith the lord Amen 🙏🏾

  • Comment Link emily mauro Saturday, 05 June 2021 08:38 posted by emily mauro

    Thank you for your message this morning. It is a great way to start this GREAT day.
    God Bless All. Will see what the Lord does for me today.

  • Comment Link Andrea Mangu Wednesday, 02 June 2021 20:13 posted by Andrea Mangu

    Circumstances have changed immensely since January 7th 2020.
    I injured my back at work 7th January
    20 years Full time teaching
    Epileptic since 9, never driven because of it.
    Now can't walk to far, stand too long, sit too long.
    Our 22 year old boy in April diagnosed with a tumor left side of the brain.
    Biopsy on the 19th April 2020 that killed him. 2 weeks later God asked me to intervene and give his heart to him. He died 22nd May 2020.
    After our boys funeral 2 weeks, my husband was taken to Waikato hospital to get his lung reattached and they took 23 litres of w fluid around his lung. Its now his heart that is not fully functioning. ACC April 18th 2021 have stopped all payments so now I have no job, no money and a debt to pay.
    My firstborn is on methamphetamine
    and is addicted. No human could ever fulfill the pain, catch the many tears, understand my husband not wanting to live however my strength, my courage, my focus has been GOD.
    He is my rock. GOD has shown me a way. To see the light is to fully believe in him. To be patient with my family, to hold my family, to cry with my family is to be with GOD. Everyday is new with GOD. GOD blesses me everyday. He has given me a dream to design cultural cloaks with prophetic cards written by him. I'm to start my business. GOD has got plans to prosper me. I believe in him, I believe in me. Praise the Lord for he is great.

  • Comment Link Karen E Durham Wednesday, 03 June 2020 20:34 posted by Karen E Durham


  • Comment Link Moussa Wednesday, 03 June 2020 20:09 posted by Moussa

    HalleluYah, Jehovah-Raah, El Elyon !

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