Watch Easter service - Joel Osteen at Lakewood Church - 11AM April-17-2022

Sunday, 17 April 2022 11:22

Joel Osteen's Easter Sunday service at Lakewood Church 11AM April-17-2022. Joel and Victoria Osteen will be delivering inspirational messages along with powerful uplifting worship with our Lakewood Worship team.

Joel Osteen and the entire Lakewood church is providing an opportunity for people all over the world to fellowship with our lord Jesus Christ. You can catch up on recent messages and learn more of Jesus Christ with Joel Osteen live now. David declared the goodness of God upon his life a million times in scripture even in pain and sorrows. This means that, there is every reason why we should give thanks and worship to our maker. Live Sunday services with Joel Osteen has become a revival to billions and is making a great impact. Today’s Sunday services with Joel Osteen is not just changing lives, but the messages and teachings of the live Sunday services with Joel Osteen is a voice and a guide.

Billions are testifying of the goodness of God, the encouragement, and the hope given to them through the live Sunday services with Joel Osteen.


Tune in live in this website for an amazing worship experience and an inspiring message at Lakewood Church. We invite you to come watch a live service and join the Lakewood Church at 11am every Sunday to stream live Sunday service with Joel Osteen. Tune in now to Sunday services with Joel Osteen today and experience the broadcasting of a live time with Joel Osteen at Lakewood Church. In this website, we give you every single update on Joel Osteen live steaming and broadcasting right from Lakewood Church.

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Watch Easter service - Joel Osteen at Lakewood Church - 11AM April-17-2022
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