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John Bevere's New Sermon for Today 03 03 2021 Wednesday

John & Lisa Bevere (March-02-2021) Watch: Building a Marriage that Lasts (part 2) .

“What do I do when my spouse just feels like a roommate?”

We’re tackling this question and more on the podcast today! Today’s episode of Conversations with John and Lisa is part two of our “Building a Marriage that Lasts” conversation in which we’re answering questions sent in from the audience.

Some of the topics we’re tackling are:...

John & Lisa Bevere (February-16-2021) Watch Message: Building a Marriage that Lasts - part 1

“How do you build a marriage that lasts?”

As we travel, meet people, and interact with so many of you on social media, we get a variation of this question constantly. Well today on Conversations with John and Lisa, we’re diving into this!

We recently asked our listeners what questions they have about marriage. Today is part ...

Lisa Bevere (February-16-2021) Watch Message: Trusting Through Adversity. This week on Better Together, Lisa Bevere discusses God's perfect love. Join the conversation as Lisa Harper, Mo Isom Aiken, Nona Jones, and Sheila Walsh join Lisa Bevere to discuss how God is always good for you.


John Bevere (February-02-2021) Watch Message: A Roundtable Discussion on the Labels that Limit Us. 

In this special episode of Conversations, we’re not only joined by our youngest son Arden to continue the conversation on his new book, we’re joined by all four of our boys and our daughter-in-love Christian!

We recently all sat down to have a conversation about the labels that limit us and how God is redefining those labels, and...

John & Lisa Bevere (January-26-2021) A Generation REDEFINED with Arden Bevere. 

In this episode of Conversations, we’re so excited to be joined by our youngest son, Arden Bevere, as we dive into the message behind his first book, “Redefined: Confronting the Labels that Limit Us.”

At some time or another, all of us have to face off with the labels that limit us and make room for God to tell us exactly who we are. Arden share...

John Bevere (January-19-2021) Vision for 2021 & Beyond with Rob Birkbeck. The MessengerX app is here! In this episode, our International Director, Rob Birkbeck, joins us once again to continue the conversation on our vision for 2021 and beyond. This conversation comes just a few days after the launch of our new state-of-the-art discipleship app MessengerX. Our passion is to see nations around the world discipled. Why? Simply because we bel...

Lisa Bevere (January-16-2021) Watch Message: You Can't Love What God Loves if You Don't Hate What He Hates. Lisa Bevere joins CeCe Winans on TBN's Praise to discusses what God hates. Listen as they discuss how you can't love what God loves if you don't hate what He hates.

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