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John Bevere - Watch Sermon: How to TRULY Get Close to God. Do you long for an intimate relationship with your Creator, but He seems elusive? Perhaps it is because something utterly essential is missing—the fear of the Lord. Don't let this frighten you. Fearing God is very different than…

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John & Lisa Bevere - Watch Sermon: Heartbreak During the Holidays With traditions, family fun, and celebrations of the birth of Jesus, Christmas is many people’s favorite time of year. But what do you do when your Christmas isn’t so merry? Maybe you’re experiencing heartbreak this holiday season. For those…
5 Keys to Changing Your Perspective - Lisa Bevere. Learn the five keys to changing your perspective in this sermon with Lisa Bevere.
John & Lisa Bevere - Watch Podcast: Finishing Strong Are you prepared to finish strong? It could be your year, it could be your season, it could be your life — no matter what you are finishing, you want to finish the best you possibly can. The Apostle Paul said…
Take Control of Your Life: How to Define Your Focus and Reach Your Goals - John and Lisa Bevere. In this final lesson of the Reset Course, Lisa and I discuss how a lack of focus correlates to a lack of direction. But when we eliminate distractions, we’ll become more…
John Bevere - Watch Sermon: Are You Ready for Your Destiny? John Bevere joins Matt and Laurie Crouch on TBN's Praise. Lean in as John Bevere shares his testimony of discerning God's will for his life, and the daily steps he took in obedience toward it.
Watch Lisa Bevere - Why Jesus Asks You Questions When He Already Knows the Answer. The people trying to silence you are not the ones with your answers. In this lesson, I explain how Jesus will ask us questions that He already knows the answer to, so He can help…
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Treasure, they say is always hidden in the dark. Nevertheless, no matter how hidden it is, there will always be someone on the search for it. Pastor John Bevere is a hidden treasure in our generation that many are hunting out to solve matters of eternal salvation. Pastor John Bevere is a great teacher of the word of God and his sermons are making tremendous impact in our time. Pastor John Bevere is a voice of hope in our time as he is delivering messages of hope to those who truly need them. Sermons are not just the utterances of word. No! sermons are way beyond that. Christian Sermons is the voice of God outspoken through man. The sermons by pastor John Bevere are spiritually led.


Pastor John Bevere said in his book that, “God is seeking those who hear His call to a life of worship. Those who heed are those who will walk in His presence. They will know Him intimately as He will manifest Himself to them.” God is calling us to a place of worship. Are you a fun of Pastor John Bevere? Are you a lover of sermons? Do you seek to grow in the knowledge and wisdom of God? The best of 2020 sermons by John Bevere is here. Sermons online brings to you all sermons by John Bevere. Watch every single lastest sermons right here and at the official website of pastor John Bevere. The sermons by Pastor John Bevere covers a wide range of life situations. The sermons by pastor John Bevere teaches us the issues of salvation, principles of life, the spirituality of life, the principles of the Cross and the goodness of Christ. Join us right here and enjoy every single sermon by pastor John Bevere. Sermons by John Bevere is brought to you in video and audio format for easy access.


I know many maybe asking this same question. Well the answer is in this prayer. “ mercy, integrity, and love. Allow me to be one of these leaders. When I am cut off from my father [physical or spiritual] through his insecurity, jealousy, or pride, cause me to recognize that as You did with David, You want to complete Your work in my life. Holy Spirit, release me from tormenting thoughts or self-blame and striving for acceptance. Cause me to seek only Your acceptance and restoration. I refuse to allow the enemy to cause me to seek revenge against those who have wronged me. I will not raise my hand against the Lord’s anointed or seek to avenge myself. I will leave justice to You. Father, cause my heart to be pure as David’s was pure. Through Your power, O Lord, I will refuse to attack my enemies with my tongue, for I will never forget that both death and life are in the power of the tongue (Prov. 18:21).

I will never seek to sow discord or separation between myself and my Christian brothers and sisters, for it is an abomination to my Lord. I will remain loyal to my spiritual leaders even when they have rejected me or wronged me. I choose to be a man [or woman] after the heart of God, not one who seeks to avenge myself. Holy Spirit, like David I will lead my Christian brother and sister to honor our spiritual leaders even in the face of betrayal. I refuse to sow discord among brethren. I will show kindness to others who are in relationship with the ones who have wronged me. Like David I will find ways to honor them and will not allow offense to cause me to disrespect them. Father, only You are worthy to judge the intents and actions of myself or of those around me. I praise You for Your wisdom, and I submit to Your leading. Lord, I choose to remain loyal to those in a position of authority over me. I choose to focus on the calling You have placed on my life and to refuse to be diverted by the actions of others, even when they have treated me wrongly. Father, may You be able to examine my life and know and see that there is neither evil nor rebellion in my heart toward others (1 Sam.24:11). John Bevere is a true man of God and is ready to make sacrifices for the seek of the Church.

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