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A Sign of the End Times: How MANY Will Be Decieved. The Bait of Satan — John Bevere.  Are you compelled to tell your side of the story? Do you fight thoughts of suspicion or distrust? Are you constantly rehearsing past hurts? Have you lost hope because of what someone did to you? In this message, I expose one of the most deceptive snares Satan uses to get believers out of the will of God—and that’s offense. This trap restrains countless Christians, severs relationships, and widens the gulfs between us. Jesus said, "It is impossible that no offenses should come” (Luke 17:1). Although you will encounter offense, you can choose how you will react.

SNEAK PEEK: Chapter 1 of The Awe of God - John Bevere. “The Awe of God” is OUT NOW, everywhere books are sold.

John Bevere - Watch Message: Want to Experience God's Presence? — The Awe of God. Do you long for an intimate relationship with your Creator, but He seems elusive? Perhaps it is because something utterly essential is missing—the fear of the Lord. Don't let this frighten you. Fearing God is very different than being afraid of God. It's the key to everything. Holy Fear is not a topic you'll hear much about these days. But if you want to build a faith that stands firm through troubled times, you cannot afford ignorance.

Unbelievable, Life-Changing Chat with a U.S. Navy SEAL - John Bevere. I’ll never forget my conversation with a U.S. Navy SEAL. When God calls you, no man can stop you—and WHO you are is often the FOUNDATION for what God has called you to do.

Stop Drifting from Your Call // Lesson 2 of Called Course - John Bevere.  ​​In Lesson 2 of the Called course, I explain the whys of your specific calling—why it’s important to know your calling, why it’s essential to live in your calling, and why it’s important to fulfill your calling. You will discover that knowing your calling brings FOCUS, while living and fulfilling your calling brings great REWARDS.

Unlocking Your Calling // Lesson 1 of Called Course - John Bevere.  In Lesson 1 of the Called course, I use Scripture to show that God has given every believer a specific calling. When you understand this truth clearly, you will be empowered to learn how to discover, obtain, and fulfill your calling.

God’s Presence Manifests as WIND in Brasília - John Bevere. I’ll never forget the night God’s Presence manifested as a WIND at a national conference in Brazil.

How God's Love Frees You from Shame & Fear - John Bevere.  God loves each of His children uniquely, not equally. The core definition of unique means without equal or rival. Our Father God stands alone without rival, so we shouldn't be surprised that in His eyes we are daughters without rival, which eliminates every reason that we should ever compete with one another. When we discover that we are loved uniquely, we are empowered to love fearlessly.

Watch John Bevere - The Struggle Is Real // Lesson 1 of Porn Free. It's time to talk about the elephant in the room: porn. So many Christians—even pastors—are getting beat up by this thing. I was one of them. But I've been free now for over 35 years. In this video, I share some sobering statistics on porn use amongst Christians, share my own story, and help you build a compelling vision for getting free for good.

The Story Of Marriage - John Bevere

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