Conversations with John & Lisa Bevere - Long-Term Obedience

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Tuesday, 21 June 2022 08:39

Watch Conversations with John & Lisa Bevere - Long-Term Obedience

What drives your obedience to God? Is it receiving a blessing? Does it come from feeling obligated? Or does it come from a deep love for Him? When it comes to obedience, your motivation matters. A lot. So how do you find the right motivation so you can walk in sustained, long-term obedience to God?

How do you obey even when the road is marked with difficulty and sacrifice?

Today, we discuss the right motivation for long-term obedience—and the blessings that come from it. May this episode help you tap into a more-surrendered and more fulfilling life!

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Conversations with John & Lisa Bevere - Long-Term Obedience
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John Bevere (born 2 June 1959) is a best selling author originating from Colorado. He writes on a variety of Christian and biblical-based subjects and tours both nationally and internationally speaking on them. John Bevere is a man best known for his book "The Bait of Satan", with more than one million in print.


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