Winning at Home in 2022 - part 2 - John Bevere

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Tuesday, 18 January 2022 07:07

John Bevere - Watch Sermon: Winning at Home in 2022 - part 2

Recently, we polled our social media audiences to ask what kinds of questions people had about family and parenting. We were blown away by the sheer volume of questions that came in. We sat down to start answering the questions on the podcast and knew it needed to be more than one episode long.

This week on the podcast, we’re diving back into these questions! We’re answering questions like:

“How can I best handle my anger when I get mad at my young kids?”

“How do you teach your kids to be grateful rather than entitled?”

“How do you help guide your adult children?”

“What do you do when your teens don’t want to go to church?”

We’re excited to dive into the second half of this conversation with you!

We hope this episode equips you to win at home in 2022!

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Winning at Home in 2022 - part 2 - John Bevere
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