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You Are On Course - Lisa Bevere (27-02-2018)

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You Are On Course - Lisa Bevere (27-02-2018)

Lisa Bevere - You Are On Course (27-02-2018). Sisters—if you think that you've made too big of a mistake, knocked yourself off course, eliminated yourself, or disqualified yourself from God's plan for you—trust me, you are NOT that powerful. Our God is a REDEEMER. He can take ANYTHING and make it good again. It's in His nature. Wherever you are, REMEMBER that you are on course. The enemy wants to knock you down, lie to you, and prevent you from getting back up—but this is your wake up call to get back up, rise to the occasion, and embrace the glorious plans God has for your future.

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John Bevere (born 2 June 1959) is a best selling author originating from Colorado. He writes on a variety of Christian and biblical-based subjects and tours both nationally and internationally speaking on them. John Bevere is a man best known for his book "The Bait of Satan", with more than one million in print.

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