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John and Lisa Bevere (September-14-2021) Watch Message: Are you truly a servant?

As Christians, we are called to live counter to the culture of our day. In our speech, in our homes, in our leadership, in any room we walk into, we are called to live against the grain. But how?


Yes, you read that right.

If Jesus ...

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Lisa Bevere (September-03-2021) Watch Message: Stop Looking at Culture and Look to God. This week on Better Together, Lisa Bevere discusses the power of our own thoughts. Join the conversation as Lisa Harper, Brittney Borders, Beth Redman, and Christy Wright join LIsa Bevere to discuss how we must start looking to God to change the ways of our thoughts, n...

John & Lisa Bevere (August-31-2021) Watch Podcast: How to be Unoffendable 

In a culture that thrives on contention and conflict, is it truly possible to be unoffendable?


In Luke 17:1, Jesus tells us, “It’s impossible that no offenses should come.” We see clearly in Scripture that throughout our lives, we will have ample op...

John & Lisa Bevere (August-17-2021) Watch Conversation: Read Your Bible - part 2

Now more than ever, it’s imperative that we, as believers, are reading, meditating on, and living the Word of God — but what we’re seeing more often than not is that Christians are reading their Bibles less and less. Why is that?

Today on the podcast, we a...

John & Lisa Bevere (August-03-2021) Watch Sermon: Read Your Bible - part 1 

As believers, we know that one of the key disciplines in our faith and difference-makers in our lives is reading the Bible…so why are so many Bibles sitting unopened on our shelves?

Today on the podcast, we are answering all of your questions on how and why to ...

Lisa Bevere (July-27-2021) Watch Message: I Was Completely Bound to Fear. This week on Better Together, Lisa Bevere shares about a time in her life when she was bound to fear. Join the conversation as Lisa Harper, Alex Seeley, Nicole C, and Brittney Borders join Lisa Bevere to discuss that when you bring your fears to God that tend to hold you back, God w...

John Bevere (July-06-2021) Watch Sermon: Modern-Day Discipleship - part 1

In Matthew 28, Jesus speaks his famous last words, commissioning those with him to go into all the world and make disciples of every nation.

As believers today, we know how important this commission is, but so many people feel stuck when it comes to discipleship in t...

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