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John & Lisa Bevere (April-27-2021) Watch Message: How To Hear God’s Voice - part 2. 

So many people want to hear God’s voice, but have no clue there are actually things that can block His voice in their lives. Today we’re unpacking this on the podcast as we continue our conversation on how to hear the voice of God.

In this conversation...

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Lisa Bevere (April-25-2021) Watch Message: What are You Putting Before God? This week on Better Together, Laurie Crouch, Lisa Bevere, Stephanie Ike, Jenn Johnson, and Lisa Harper discuss how to overcome idols in your life.


John Bevere (April-23-2021) Watch Message: God, Where Are You? Have you ever found yourself in a wilderness season asking, "God, where are you?" Watch as John Bevere powerfully redefines the value of the wilderness that will leave you feeling encouraged!


John Bevere (April-13-2021) Watch Sermon: How To Hear God’s Voice - part 1

Hearing God’s voice is vital to sustaining a life-giving relationship with Him, but so many Christians have trouble knowing how and what God is speaking.

Today on the podcast we’re tackling this topic head-on, answering questions like:

—Does God speak to eve...

John & Lisa (March-16-2021) Watch Message: What's the Role of the Prophetic in Today’s Culture? 

There has never been more confusion surrounding the role of prophecy in our culture today. The last year has left so many people in our world wondering, “Does the prophetic even have a place in today’s culture?” and “How do I know what voices to li...

John & Lisa Bevere (March-02-2021) Watch: Building a Marriage that Lasts (part 2) .

“What do I do when my spouse just feels like a roommate?”

We’re tackling this question and more on the podcast today! Today’s episode of Conversations with John and Lisa is part two of our “Building a Marriage that Lasts” conversation in which we’re ans...

John & Lisa Bevere (February-16-2021) Watch Message: Building a Marriage that Lasts - part 1

“How do you build a marriage that lasts?”

As we travel, meet people, and interact with so many of you on social media, we get a variation of this question constantly. Well today on Conversations with John and Lisa, we’re diving into this!

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