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John Bevere - Timmy | A Wilderness Course Short Film

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John Bevere, Lisa Bevere - Hope For Your Marriage—Our Story. Wherever you find yourself in your marriage, there is hope. In this video, we share how God took our marriage from the brink of collapse and completely transformed it. Get the tools you need to build a thriving marriage with…
Watch John Bevere - The Struggle Is Real // Lesson 1 of Porn Free. It's time to talk about the elephant in the room: porn. So many Christians—even pastors—are getting beat up by this thing. I was one of them. But I've been free now for over 35 years. In…
Watch Lisa Bevere - Understanding How God Speaks. Part 1/2: I believe God wants to speak to each and every one of us, personally. But how do we learn to hear God's voice? How can you tell if you are really hearing God or if it's just your own imagination?…
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John Bevere - Its Not Enough to Just Receive Jesus as Savior
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