Sermons by John Gray 2023

Watch Sunday Service with John Gray, Live Stream May-28-2023. John Gray's Sunday services at Relentless Church at 11AM, 7PM is making a positive influence and impact in our society. John Gray Sunday services live at Relentless Church gathers thousands of people from around the world in front of their screens…

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Sermons by John Gray 2023

Sermons by John Gray 2023

Pastor of Relentless Church has been active for many years and is not going to stop there. John Gray Ministries is not the only achievement of the preacher. Fans can find his books on store shelves. The main goal that the preacher John Gray pursues in his sermons is to help people get closer to God.

The pastor has repeatedly mentioned that a person should do things from the heart. You can make donations to John Gray Church only of your own free will. Coercion to something is unacceptable. John Gray is preaching about the need to maintain your unlimited devotion to God. Only in this case can we count on His all-consuming love.

 What topics does the preacher address?

Thousands of believers from all over the world listen to the guidance of John Gray’s sermons. The pastor openly communicates with conference participants and doesn’t hide any important information. In connection with the latest events, John Gray in never stops supporting anyone who asks for it.

Anyone can become a new member of the pastor’s church. To make you feel comfortable, Relentless Church offers you to write a letter. Before the service, parishioners meet newcomers and help them find like-minded people. You can also join John Gray ministries live.

In his sermons, the pastor addresses important topics for each believer:

  • human soul represents the highest value of the church;
  • how to define your relationship with God and keep it for life;
  • how to find your calling and influence the world around you.

John Gray Ministries in will help you find peace of mind regardless of external circumstances. Finding answers to all your questions can be simple. That’s why it is worth listening to the sermons of John Gray at Lakewood Church.

Benefits of watching sermons online

In this difficult time, you shouldn’t tempt fate and go to a church service. Broadcasts of John Gray sermons on Youtube are available anywhere in the world. You can view sermons absolutely for free. John Gray’s videos are publicly available, so you can understand the essence of his sermon. Besides, you can share your opinion and find like-minded people under the video.

It is also worth joining and listening to John Gray in Relentless Church for other reasons:

  1. you can better remember the sermon because you can stop and think about the information received;
  2. easy access to broadcasts at this time when it’s better to stay at home;
  3. listeners can feel the atmosphere, despite the distance.

John Gray’s sermon in 2020 provides support to everyone who needs it. The pastor helps people find strength to live according to God's Laws. The joint work of John Gray and Joel Austin leaves a mark on the hearts of those who choose to become part of the church. People who cannot attend conferences in person will appreciate the preacher’s magnetism. The pastor John Gray has been persistent and has become an important speaker. Each of the listeners should try and find their own way. John Gray online is full of determination, hope and faith in a better future.

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