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John Hagee

John Hagee (January-20-2019) Live Stream Sunday Service Cornerstone Church


John & Matthew Hagee (January-20-2019) Sermon: Six Days Until We Shout


John Hagee (January 19, 2019) - From Here To Eternity. Part 2


John Hagee (January 19, 2019) - From Here To Eternity. Part 1


John Hagee (January-18-2019) Sermon: The Mysteries of God


John Hagee (January-17-2019) Sermon: The Power of the Promise


John Hagee (January-15-2019) Sermon: The King of the East.

Pastor Hagee tells us that the Kings of the East found in Scripture represent modern day China, Japan and North Korea. China has been buying up U.S. farm land for years. Will they recall their debt? Will the borrow...

John Hagee & Matt Hagee (January-13-2019) Sunday Sermon: "The Awesome Power of The Anointing."

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