John Hagee
John Hagee

John Hagee

John Hagee (July-13-2018) The Winning Edge. Pastor Hagee says that we should examine ourselves, as the Bible says. We are not to worry about what others say, but to align our lives with God’s Word. What our minds might tell us will give temporary delight, but long-term, soul-s...

John & Matt Hagee (July-15-2018) Live Stream Sunday Service.

John Hagee 2018, What God can do with a Warrior - July 15, 2018
Part one of the new sermon series "Warriors...Winners...Whiners...Wimps" by Pastor Matt Hagee.

Bible prophecy clearly reveals that i...

John Hagee (July-10-2018) God's Love For Us.

Every year you see so many people doing what they can to get ready for Valentine’s Day. Reservations are made, flowers and chocolate, hand written letters, and other thoughtful expressions that are meant to tell someone, “I love ...

John & Matt Hagee (July-08-2018) Live Stream Sunday Service - The Mysteries of God.

John Hagee 2018, The Mysteries of God - July 08, 2018

Part three of the new sermon series, "Earth's Last Empire" by Pastor John Hagee

Bible prophecy clearly reveals that ...

John Hagee (July 6, 2018) - The Portrait Of A Mother. In Scripture, the ideal portrait of a woman is that of a mother, and not just a mother…but a successful mother. Pastor Hagee says that there is a difference between simply giving birth and being a successful mother. What ar...

John Hagee (July 4, 2018) - Is There A Family In Your House? What comprises a family according to Scripture? How does the Bible describe the mother and the father? What Kingdom role does each of us play inside of our family unit? How can we be a positive, honorable influence o...

John Hagee (July-01-2018) Live Stream Sunday Service - The New World Order From Genesis to Earth's Last Empire. Part two of the new sermon series, "Earth's Last Empire" by Pastor John HageeBible prophecy clearly reveals that immediately prior to the rapture of the Church, four...

John Hagee (June-29-2018) He Is Risen. TodaysBlessing - May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you, giving you His peace. May you walk with the blessing assurance that you are free from the pain and the suffering ...

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