Sermons by John & Matt Hagee 2022

Matt Hagee - Watch Sermon: How Free Do You Want To Be. Why does the world we live in struggle so greatly with freedom? We can’t seem to define it or wrap our arms around it, because we have lost our connection with the true source of freedom. Unless we…

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Matt Hagee Sermon: The God You Can Depend On. Pastor Matt Hagee shares that we live in a society that is so accustomed to the principle of “overpromise and under deliver” that we have become numb to expecting excellence. We are happy to settle for the “known,” even if the…
Revelation 1:12-13 - John Hagee Daily Devotional (September-29-2022). Then I turned to see the voice that spoke with me. And having turned I saw seven golden lampstands, and in the midst of the seven lampstands One like the Son of Man… As God unfolded the revelation to John, He showed…
John Hagee (September-29-2022) Daily Devotional: Revelation 1:12-13 - Then I turned to see the voice that spoke with me. And having turned I saw seven golden lampstands, and in the midst of the seven lampstands One like the Son of Man… As God unfolded the revelation to John, He showed…
Watch John Hagee - Pray for the People of Iran. Pastor and Diana Hagee deliver a heartfelt message to the Iranian people as they protest their autocratic regime following the killing of an innocent Iranian woman by the Iran’s “morality police.”
Matt Hagee - Sermon: The Light of the World. “You are the light of the world.” This is how Jesus describes his followers. Jesus is THE light that gives light to every man. We don’t have anything to give unless He is shining through us.
Matt Hagee Sermon:-The Ingredients of Greatness .Walk through Scripture with Pastor Matt as he talks about the greatness we already possess within us as a gift from God. We have purpose. We have blessings, and we also have great responsibilities to ourselves, our children and our communities.
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Sermons by John & Matt Hagee 2022

John Hagee's Sermons 2022

Every Internet user can watch John Hagee best sermons at any time convenient. It can be easily done on our website, which offer free access to video broadcasts. Here, you can find Matthew Hagee sermons as well.

What is John Hagee famous for?

Currently, John Hagee sermon for today has been watched by almost 1 million parishioners. The preacher has founded the Evangelical Church. It is still located in the same place: San Antonio (Texas). The number of parishioners who have personally listened to sermons by John Hagee has exceeded 22,000.

The list of the pastor’s achievements over his long career:

  • author of 40 books, 9 of which have been included in the bestseller list;
  • thanks to John Hagee ministries sermons 100 million dollars has been allocated to help victims of the war in Israel;
  • founded the “Sanctuary of Hope”, which gives women an opportunity to raise their children;
  • is a Christian activist who opposes abortion; therefore, actively helps pregnant women;
  • the founder and national chairman of CUFI – an organization that unites 7 million people.

John Hagee sermon archive consists of video recordings of sermons, in which the priest touches on a variety of topics.

What is Matt Hagee famous for?

Pastor Matt Hagee is a representative of the preachers dynasty, he is the sixth in the family to hold this position. The sermons by Matt Hagee for many years has been performed together with his father. During the period of his vigorous activity, the pastor managed to write 4 books. You can listen to Matt Hagee sermon today on special TV programs and family podcast. The list of professional achievements will be incomplete without mentioning the following stages:

  • the leading pastor of Cornerstone Church;
  • pastor Matt Hagee sermons are available for 22,000 parishioners;
  • the creator of the gospel quartet;
  • the founder of Difference Media music label;
  • Matthew Hagee sermon today is broadcast in various parts of the world and is extremely popular.

The pastor’s wife supports her husband and helps him to bring his ideas to life.

The advantages of watching sermons by father and son

John Hagee son sermons can be watched for free at any time. In their sermons, the preachers touch upon topical issues and help parishioners to find their way. By watching John Hagee new sermons, many people have managed to find solutions to their current problems.

The pastor’s support is provided to all Israeli residents who have suffered from the war. John Hagee sermons 2022 don’t change the main idea. He still supports people who find themself in difficult situations. John Hagee Sunday sermon dated April 12 serves as a great motivation for parishioners.

The pastor’s son Matt Hagee sermons 2022 doesn’t fall behind his father. Matthew preaches in the same church, so you can easily find his sermons. Of course, the list of John Hagee sermons is far larger, but both pastors deserve your attention.

You can watch records of John Hagee sermons in 2022 or follow the pastor during online broadcasts. On the website, you can find the preachers’ video archives. John Hagee sermons healing will help each of us.


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