John Hagee: My First Demonic Encounter

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Saturday, 14 May 2022 03:04

John Hagee- My First Demonic Encounter . The pastor and author talks about his first encounter with demonic spirits.

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John Hagee: My First Demonic Encounter
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  • Comment Link Anne Marie Beck Saturday, 08 May 2021 11:37 posted by Anne Marie Beck

    Love John Haggee. Amazing man of God.

  • Comment Link David Walker Saturday, 08 May 2021 05:22 posted by David Walker

    I have NO doubt. My mother was a satanist witch & after praying her house down I saw her transform into a reptilian looking creature that THREW me out of her house & was jumping up/down screaming in the voices of legions "I love Satan! Dont you ever come back here!!" On my fanny outside on the grass where I landed compleatly UNHURT my right arm came up by itself ( I'm left handed) & I heard the words come out of my mouth " In the name of Jesus be GONE & that creature was knocked back into the houses doorstep & it transformed back into my mother. Her light taffeta dress even reassembeled itself back around her body. My mom sat up still halfway out of the door, looked at me, asked "Why are you outside?" Then she looked around & said "Why am I outside?" She was compleatly bewildered. Said, " Oh well, come on in and lets have dinner." Rest of evening compleatly normal. All I could think of was WOW, this isnt something you see every day! There was NO FEAR at all. There WAS power around me like nothing I can explane & I KNEW that thing couldnt hurt me. Next day I went back & asked my mom what she thought of the days events yesterday & her transformation. She said "Dont be stupid, I never made it home yesterday. My car wouldnt start & I spent the night in X motel downtown." where she worked. I checked with that motel and she HAD spent the night there. That THING was not my mother. They're shapeshifting demons who perfectly impersonate people. Called FAMILIARS. And they're EVERYWHERE! Many of our politicians are familiars impersonating people. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE their power to deceive or the unbelievable power of the Holy Spirit which took over that evening. Nor the power of praying a demonics house down in Christs name. I was raised in witchcraft. Have seen things most folks have no idea exists & our world is FULL of them. I asked God to make me a warrior thinking I was going to get to kill these things. No possible. BUT we can cast them out in Jesus name! It gets complicated & I wouldnt recommend anybody asking for it. I could write a book but that's not necessary. The spirit world controls the physical world & my biggest anapatha was the day I realized the angels/ demons ARE telepathic & constantly planting thoughts into peoples heads. If what your thinking DOSENT line up with scripture, dont beleive it. Your being played by evil forces who's only plan is to destroy you & use you to destroy others.

  • Comment Link Sharon morgan Saturday, 26 September 2020 02:14 posted by Sharon morgan

    Pastor hagee ,I enjoyed your story so much I think I would have definitely made a new door if I experienced that.

  • Comment Link Mohanie Friday, 25 September 2020 14:19 posted by Mohanie

    Pastor I am one of your partners in your ministry, please continue to keep me in your prayers list, Thank you, God bless you!

  • Comment Link Mohanie Friday, 25 September 2020 14:19 posted by Mohanie

    Pastor I am one of your partners in your ministry, please continue to keep me in your prayers list, Thank you, God bless you!

  • Comment Link Ronnie Housewright Friday, 25 September 2020 13:15 posted by Ronnie Housewright

    I love hearing bro Hagee speak it kinda reminds me of when I Was younger my dad was a Pentecostal preacher my entire life. He’s left to be with the lord now. His name was Eddie Housewright. I remember in his last years he went blind and was disabled but he still would love to hear Bro Hagee preachings on tv. He told me that bro Hagee was a good preacher and I should listen to him and get my self right with the Lord. The be honest I think the devil fights me more than anybody I know cause he brings the worst on me thAn I think anyone I know. Maybe it’s because when I was 13 years old a preacher named Bro Oxford proftcide over me and said I would one day bring a lot of people to the Lord bro Hagee I really enjoy ur preaching and lucky for me my 20 year old son like to hear u also. Stay safe and keep up the good work of the Lord

  • Comment Link Israel Moussa Friday, 25 September 2020 11:33 posted by Israel Moussa

    Thank You Pastor for your assistance ! I ask You to Pray for me so that my enemies perish by their incessant attacks by witchcraft that they have been doing against me since 2001 to destroy all my enrichment enterprises. The serpents they throw against me repel the predictions of prophets, pastors and bishops. They follow the prophecies on my facebook page and send the devil to create disappointment when I wait for the fulfillment of the prophecies.

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