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John Hagee (February-09-2019) Sermon: Miracle in Your Mouth.

Pastor Hagee says the day of miracles is not over! God fully intended for miracles to be a reality in the 21st century church.

If you don’t believe in miracles today…you will when you need one. We serve a...

Matthew Hagee (February-09-2019) Sermon: An Overdue Apology to a Misunderstood Woman


John Hagee (February-05-2019) Sermon: The Decision to Pray with Power. Pastor John Hagee continues Volume 2 in his series, "7 Decisions That Determine Your Destiny" with a message entitled "The Decision to Pray with Power."


John Hagee & Matt Hagee (February-03-2019) Live Stream Sunday Service Cornerstone Church


Matthew Hagee - Follow the Leader (February-02-2019)


John Hagee (January-31-2019) Sermon: The Storm of Self-Confidence


Pastor John Hagee - The Storm of Self-Confidence (January-30-2019)


John Hagee (January-28-2019) Sunday Sermon: The Decision to Forgive

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