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John Hagee (March-26-2019) Sermon: God’s Answers for Your Marriage.

Pastor Hagee says that marriage is an exciting topic that requires constant adjustments between man and wife.

Marriage is a commitment where two people say “I do” and enter a covenant relationship ...

John Hagee (March-25-2019) Sermon: The Whole Truth.

Pastor Hagee says that America needs to find real answers to the very real problems we are faced with on a daily basis.

Policemen are being shot in the streets by professional anarchists who are trying to start a ...

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John Hagee (March-23-2019) Sermon: Earth’s Final Emperor.

Walk with Pastor Hagee through the book of Revelation as he presents an in-depth teaching on the Final Emperor. How is history repeating itself? Which Biblical parallels gave exactly the date and time when historic ...

John Hagee (March-22-2019) Sermon: The Anchor of Hope.

Have you ever thought about an anchor? It holds you in place as you battle the raging tides.

Pastor Hagee says that the anchor of hope that is found in Jesus Christ can help hold you through the greatest storms...

John Hagee (March-21-2019) Sermon: Releasing & Receiving the Prophetic Blessing.

This powerful sermon by Pastor Hagee breaks down the true meaning of the priestly blessing. Would you like to have blessings overtake your life like a tidal wave? This is the perfect sermo...

John Hagee (March-20-2019) Sermon: Grace that Yields.Pastor Hagee tells us that the mark of spiritual maturity is the ability to yield to the needs of others. On the other hand, what are six things you should never yield to? There exists a global demonic attitude that is sweeping ...

John Hagee (March-19-2019) Sermon: The Spirit of Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is something that’s caught, not taught. It is a geyser of joy that explodes in your soul, even in the darkest midnight. Thanksgiving is a decision, an act of your will. Pastor Hagee say that joy is...

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