John MacArthur's Daily Devotional 2022

John MacArthur (March-22-2022) Daily Devotional: Praying with Commitment

"Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven" (Matt. 6:10).

Your prayers make a difference!

Matthew 6:10 literally says, "Whatever you wish to have happen, let it happen immediately. A...

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John MacArthur (March-21-2022) Daily Devotional: Responding to Christ's Invitation

"Thy kingdom come" (Matt. 6:10).

The only acceptable response to Christ’s offer of the Kingdom is to receive it, value it, and pursue it!

Many people who think they're kingdom ...

John MacArthur (March-20-2022) Daily Devotional: Building God's Kingdom

"Thy kingdom come" (Matt. 6:10).

Conversion to Christ involves three elements: invitation, repentance, and commitment.

Someday Christ will return to earth to reign in His kingdom. In the ...

John MacArthur (March-19-2022) Daily Devotional: Forsaking Self-Centered Prayer

"Thy kingdom come" (Matt. 6:10).

Relinquish your will to Christ’s sovereign rule.

Attempting to explain all that is involved in the phrase "Thy kingdom come" is like a child stand...

John MacArthur (March-18-2022) Daily Devotional: Praying for Christ's Rule

"Thy kingdom come" (Matt. 6:10).

When you pray, “Thy kingdom come,” you are praying for Christ to reign on earth as He already does in Heaven.

When we hear the word kingdom we tend to ...

John MacArthur (March-17-2022) Daily Devotional: Displaying God's Holiness 

"Hallowed be Thy name" (Matt. 6:9).

Sound theology that results in holy living hallows God’s name.

We have learned that hallowing God's name requires setting it apart from everything ...

John MacArthur (March-16-2022) Daily Devotional: Hallowing God's Name

"Hallowed be Thy name" (Matt. 6:9).

God is holy and deserves your highest respect and your humble obedience.

To most people the word hallowed elicits thoughts of Halloween, ivy-covered wall...

John MacArthur's Daily Devotional 2022