Joseph Prince youtube

Joseph Prince youtube

Joseph Prince (August-21-2018) Grace Leadership Series Volume 2 Trailer.

In Volume 2 of this essential resource, learn practical principles from God’s Word on staying healthy, happy, and fulfilled in ministry and in your personal life! Join Joseph Prince as he delves deeper into God’s wisdom for grace-based leadership and service. In six key messages, discover how you can:

Actively steward God’s gifts in your life
Be an effective servant-leader
Fulfill God’s destiny and calling for your life
Align yourself with His purpose
Develop greater character and strength
Beat burnout and discouragement

Understand God’s purpose for you and His people, and start to experience an overflow of anointing and fruitfulness!

Joseph Prince - Sermon: Be Conscious You're On Favor Ground. The redemptive work of Jesus Christ has placed you on the unshakable ground of God's wonderful grace! Join Joseph Prince in this powerful message as he shows you why you are not called to Mount Sinai, which represents the law that demands and condemns, but Mount Zion, which represents His amazing grace that supplies and saves! Build every area of your life on unshakable Mount Zion where God's limitless favor and blessings abound. Be conscious every day that you are on favor ground wherever you go, and be secure, stable and unshakable in these volatile times!

Joseph Prince (Mar 11, 2012) - Grace—Your Security And Stability In Times Of Shaking. You can remain safe, secure and stable in these troubling times of shaking! In this revelatory message, Joseph Prince expounds on the importance of building our lives on the firm, unshakable foundation of grace and the finished work of Jesus. When we count totally on the Lord's grace, instead of things man-made, for every facet of our lives, we will enjoy true security and stability because what's built on His grace cannot be lost! If you want a Rock-solid family life, career or ministry, then listen to His voice of grace today!

Joseph Prince (29 July 2018) Practical Leadership Keys To Living Holy.

Pastors and leaders, we all want our congregation to live lives that glorify God. But how do we practically help them do it? In this message, learn biblical keys on how you can lead your people to experience wholeness in their marriages and families, freedom from bondages and addictions, and protection from the darkness in this world. Discover:

• What causes people to break free from the chains of bitterness and sexual immorality.
• How you can inspire and cultivate godly character and values in people.
• How you can see your ministry flourish when you prioritize the gospel of grace.

Let the truths shared in this powerful message cause your church to experience the victorious lives they were meant to live!

Joseph Prince (Mar 4, 2012) - Praise Opens The Door To Grace. Sing in your valley of trouble and open the door for God's bountiful grace to come flooding in! Joseph Prince shares inspiring biblical truths on the power of praise and shows you how you can release God's presence and grace into every trial and challenge. Learn how speaking or singing to yourself in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs allows you to be filled with the Spirit and able to redeem the time as you walk in His wisdom. Discover how you can live a lifestyle of praising the Lord and continually experience His grace working out all things for your good!

Joseph Prince (Feb 19, 2012) - Unleash The Power Of The Gospel. Your revelation of the gospel of Jesus Christ is what unleashes the power of God in your life! In this powerful message, Joseph Prince takes you back in time right to the heart of the gospel and shows you from Apostle Paul's own sermon how through Christ, your sins are forgiven. Learn how this fundamental truth is the mother of all blessings and the foundation for victory over sin. The more you hear and believe that all your sins are forgiven, the more you'll see wholeness and fruitfulness in every area of life!

Joseph Prince (22-July-2018) Godly Discipline And Correction Brings Promotion.

Most people don’t like hearing the words “discipline” or “correction.” But did you know that when our heavenly Father disciplines or corrects us, He is leading us to a place of promotion? While He never uses sickness or accidents to discipline us, He does use frustrating situations, missed opportunities, and difficult people to build our character and set us up for lasting success!

Join Joseph Prince and discover how, as a child of God, you can:

• Expect to come out stronger and wiser after every difficult situation.
• Face your challenges with boldness when you trust in His love for you.
• Learn practical keys on parenting and leadership from Scripture.

Beloved, no matter what challenges you may be facing today, know that God is working all things out for your good and developing you into the person He created you to be!

Joseph Prince (15 Apr 2012)- Can You Lose Your Salvation?  Is it possible for a Christian to lose his or her salvation? Those who say that it's certainly possible point readily to the warning in Hebrews 6 as Bible proof. But what is Hebrews 6 really all about? Who are the people being warned here? Joseph Prince tackles these questions head on in this exciting message and sheds light on this controversial topic. This must-hear message will help you determine whether you live life with your eternal security hanging in the balance, or with your heart fully assured that heaven is your home.

Joseph Prince (15-January-2012) Ministers And Leads In Free-flow Worship

Joseph Prince (15 July 2018) Last To First When You Trust His Goodness. Ever been picked last for the team? If you’ve ever felt insignificant, inadequate, or disqualified, this message is for you. Join Joseph Prince as he shows you how God does not despise what the world may label as the last or the least. In fact, you’re a prime candidate for His grace!

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