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Joseph Prince youtube

Joseph Prince - Speak Out What You Believe In Christ! (17-Oct-2010). Want to see a change for the better in your circumstances? Then join Joseph Prince in this practical and enlightening message as he reveals the key to bringing in God's intervention and blessings into your situation. Learn how speaking what you believe in Christ causes His light to flood every dark situation and opens the door to receiving your miracle. Begin partnering your believing with faith-filled speaking and see the favor and power of God work for you and turn every negative circumstance around for your good!

No matter what's happened, I love you - Joseph Prince - 2018-2-14. Happy Valentine's Day, folks! We hope that you'll truly have a happy Valentine's Day, after reading God's little love letters to you on our grid over the past 13 days. (And if you haven't, you can read all of them at once now) ?

Sometimes though, we fail so terribly in life that we think God cannot possibly love us anymore. But see how that couldn't be further from the truth, in the story of the prodigal son who probably felt the same way. We’ll let the video do the talking. ☝? Enjoy, and you can read the full story in Luke 15!

Finally, if you've enjoyed these little snippets on our feed and HAVEN'T signed up for our full 14-day devotional (where have you been the past 13 days?), don't miss out on it!

We'll see y’all soon with more great content!

Joseph Prince - Do you know how much I love you? (13-02-2018). Have you ever regretted pushing someone's love away one time too many? We just want to assure you today that you'll never succeed in pushing away God's love from you. Ever. (Tip: The faster you receive it though, the better life will be ?). Long before we even knew about God, He’d already sent His precious only Son, our Lord Jesus to die for our sins, so that our mistakes and failures would never stand in the way of us having an eternal relationship with Him (2 Corinthians 5:18–19). And He's never stopped loving us since. Just take a moment to think about that…truly, God’s love for us is relentless.

Joseph Prince - Uncovering The Enemy’s Tactics Against You Part 2 (11 Feb 2018). Hearing accusations from the enemy every time you fail? What’s so harmful about that? In Part 2 of this series, Joseph Prince goes deeper to show you why accepting the enemy’s accusations and condemnation is more dangerous than you think. It can lead to sicknesses, failed relationships, and even depression with suicidal thoughts. Learn how your best strategy against the devil is always to look to Jesus as your sin offering. His sacrifice alone fully satisfies God’s righteous requirements and silences every voice of accusation. Get powerful insights in this series to live free from fear and sickness, and launch into a life of victory!

Joseph Prince Sermon - Receive Restoration As You Walk With Jesus (10-Oct-2010). Delve into a deeper, more exciting study of the Emmaus road experience the two disciples had with Jesus on resurrection morning! Join Joseph Prince as he takes you on a similar journey, uncovering one step at a time, revelatory truths about Jesus and His perfect sacrifice. The truths presented will bring forth restoration and rejuvenation as your heart is bathed in the warmth of God's love. Learn how as we see Jesus in the Word and talk about Him, the Lord Himself draws near to impart to us His truth, life, wisdom and strength. This is one journey you don't want to miss!

Full Sermon Receive Restoration As You Walk With Jesus - Joseph Prince

Are you with me? watch this, watch this, ok watch this. Everything is about restoration. Back to the garden, better than the garden of course. But the garden is a picture of the first day He appeared to Mary Magdalene right? And she thought He was a gardener. Because God made Adam a gardener. Restoration restoration, are you with me come on? The second Adam has come. Now, what is the restoration here? He took bread, blessed and gave it to them. Their eyes were opened! And they knew Him, and He vanished from His sight. Now the word "Vanish" means He was still there, but unseen by their physical eyes. Why? Because they knew Him already! It's accomplished! Once... the word "knew" is Epiginosko alright? Which is full knowledge.

We call it revelation. It is not just Ginosko. It is "Epi". Once you put "Epi" it is complete. It is full. Ginosko, full knowledge. When they took the bread, they ate it their eyes were opened and they had full revelation of who He was. And then He says, "No need for Me to be seen anymore in the flesh." What's the restoration? What does that remind you? Their eyes were opened. Their eyes were opened. Come on come on come on...

I don't want to tell you.. You tell me the revelation.. Their eyes were opened. What has that got to do with the garden of Eden? Their eyes were opened! Garden of Eden come on... The tree of the knowledge of good and evil! They partook of the wrong tree. Here it says their eyes were opened they knew Him! Now let's look at Genesis 3. When the woman saw that the tree was good for food, that it was pleasant to the eyes, a tree desirable to make one wise, she took its fruit and ate. She gave also to her husband with her! Hey the dude was there! The man was there! Adam was with her. He wasn't somewhere picking smooth durians. He was there! And she gave it to her husband and he ate, then the eyes of both of them were opened. But what did they know?

And they knew they were naked. That tree opened their eyes to their nakedness. The Lord's supper must have been in God's mind, the tree of life! But it will open your eyes to know Jesus! Not your nakedness, hallelujah. Not your nakedness but you will know Jesus... you will know Jesus. Wow I've always been on the search for the tree of life. Now I got scripture for it. You see when God made Adam and Eve, understand this. God made them complete. Full. Fully grown with every faculty intact. But one thing though, their spiritual eyes were not opened. Their eyes were not opened. Adam and Eve. Obviously their eyes were not opened, because they partook from the tree, the wrong tree their eyes were opened. But God wanted them to open their eyes by the right tree.

The tree of life. That was their choice. God says, "Which tree will you partake?" To open their spiritual eyes. You want to go into New Age? You want to learn the Secret? Which is not The Secret? Because all secrets, true secrets is in Christ, who is the key and the treasures of God's wisdom and knowledge. Which one? Which tree will you choose? They chose the wrong tree and their eyes, their spiritual eyes were opened but opened to their nakedness.

To their lack. To their shortcoming. Are you with me? But here, back to Luke. Hallelujah. They knew not their nakedness, they knew Him. Full revelation... Hallelujah! And then after they realised they were naked, they heard God's voice. And what happened to them? They hid behind the trees, and they said, "I heard Your voice, and I was afraid." But look at the response, restoration. Look at the response. Verse 32. And they said to one another, "Did not our heart burned within us?" Adam and Eve became cold with fear, here their hearts burned with love for Jesus. They wanted to be in His presence. They want to enjoy Him even more. Restoration.

Joseph Prince - Sermon How Believers Fall From Grace. When we lean entirely on God's grace, Christ performs mightily in our lives! But when we try to deserve God's favor through our own performance, we fall from His grace. Joseph Prince reveals this life-changing truth in the lives of Jacob and Esau, and in the story of the prodigal son and his older brother. Be encouraged as you find out how God's love, acceptance and favor are already and unconditionally yours—simply because you are His beloved child. This key truth will take you from defeat to victory in your relationships, career, health and every area of life!

Joseph Prince - Sermon Why Are There Calamities In This World If God Is Love? Why does creation still groan with earthquakes, tsunamis and other calamities if God is love? Is He not also fully in charge of the earth? Get the answers to these burning questions in this must-hear message by Joseph Prince. Learn what creation is eagerly waiting and crying for, and what all the drama in the Bible is about. You will gain wisdom and understanding to face and take charge of the fallen earth as you step into your high calling as sons of God!

Textual Sermon: Why Are There Calamities In This World If God Is Love? - Joseph Prince

Now God made man last, on the last day alright. On the sixth day. God made everything on the first five days and then man on the sixth day. Why did God made man last? Why was man made or created last? Well one thing we know that man cannot take glory in creation. Like right now they are trying to create like God. Number two, God wanted man to enjoy the finished work. So everything in Earth at that time was finished already. Not only finished, it was finished well. It was good. So everything was right for the plucking, everything was perfect for man's enjoyment. To tantalize his senses. The flowers give off their aroma, the sound of the breeze was like music, like Beethoven. Amen? The fruits were luscious and huge. Man's every need God did not create a need in man's body that did not have a corresponding answer in God.

God created... whether it's fruits or whatever it is. So everything that we desire God gave us that desire. Sin is but a perversion of that desire. Amen. Everything you have is not from the devil. The devil never gave you any "needs". He perverts the needs that you have. Needs are a sign that there is an object out there, a gift out there from God that is meant to meet that need, whether it is a fruit, a luscious fruit alright to tantalize your taste buds, and to nourish your body. Alright? Whatever it is, it is to show you more of the goodness of God. Can I have a good amen? So God made the first man and then we have all the trees and God said of every tree, say, "Every." "You may eat of it, but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you shall not eat of it for the day you eat of it you shall surely die." Alright. Why? Why did God made everything good and the bible says God saw everything He made and God made trees before He made man. Plus the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which He said do not eat from. He made that tree and He pronounced it as good. Inclusive of that tree. That tree was called by God good. But it is not good for man. Can I have a good amen? Just like the law. The tree is the knowledge of good and evil.

The law is the knowledge of good and evil. God gave the law. But it is not good for man. It cannot but only curse, for man. As far as man is concerned. When Jesus came it cannot but bless Him because He was fully obedient. You follow me? Alright? So God did not want man to find his fulfilment in the law.

Knowledge of good and evil, and now we understand that. So in other words, man was the federal head of the human race at that time. There was no descendants yet, but man - Adam that is, was the federal head. Say, "Federal head." I'm going to share with you some things you will understand why the tsunami, why earthquakes, why this why that? People ask these questions but you must start from the beginning. Ok are you with me? This is going somewhere. Now, God made man with a free choice. People say if God knew Adam was going to take from the wrong tree why didn't God stop him? Well if God stopped him, God is intervening into something He Himself would not. Because He is a just God. Alright?

If God gave man everything good, and gave man a free choice to exercise but man is not able to choose anything but good, free choice is not free choice. Someone asked a question, "Why did God put that tree down there?" I'm answering you. If God gave man free choice, and everything... all the choices in front of man, all the creation in front of man is all good, wherein lies the free choice? Wherein lies the exercise of the choice? So God gave man one option. Alright? As a sign of man's respect and reverance for God, God said, "Don't eat from this tree."

Which represents the law, don't be in My position. Don't assume to be Me. Alright? You can never be God. Alright? You cannot handle the law the way I can. Alright? You need to be subject to Me, and then you will find the law fulfilled in you. But man became arrogant because of the snake talk. Alright you know the... All creation spoke at one time. You know when Jesus comes back your cat will talk to you. "You see I've been keeping this for a long time, but there is something I want to say." Alright your dog have been saying. Your dog will start talking again, "You know I've been telling the other dog next door. Alright? I hate it when you let me drink from the toilet bowl. Alright? You don't know how it feels like. Ok?" So all creation could talk. We saw this in the picture of Numbers where we find the donkey was talking to the half-past-six prophet Balaam. So one day when all creation will come to that, we'll end with that, all creation will be restored. Alright?

Right now creation is moaning, creation is in pain, creation is groaning. God is not fully in control. If God is in control, we'll have streets of gold. Everybody will be fully supplied. There will be no sick child, no sick person amongst us. Nobody will grow old and nobody will die. No animal will die. So the bible says in Romans 8 all creation is crying out for something to happen. Before we come to that, Adam and Eve took that fruit. They exercised their choice alright? Albeit it was a wrong choice, and by choosing the tree they are telling God, "God, we don't want Your world, we want our world." A world that is born out of our own knowledge, of good and evil. We can decide on morality, we can decide on what sort of approach to You. We don't want You to have all the say. We don't want You to do everything for us, in us, through us. We want to work. So God says, "Ok." They partook of that and God says, "Remember I told you the choice?"

You cannot exercise your choice and don't expect the consequence. If you put your finger in the fire, your finger will burn. You cannot say, "I don't want to be burned, but I want to feel the fire." You cannot do that. You cannot say, "I want to commit adultery, but I don't want the consequences." You cannot do that. Alright? God has worked the system in this world in such a way that there will be consequence. So the consequence is this alright? The whole creation fell, because its head fell. Are you with me?

Joseph Prince - Uncovering The Enemy’s Tactics Against You (04-Feb 18). See as never before how and why the devil comes against you, and how you can defeat him at every turn! In this revelatory message that begins with Satan’s creation all the way to the forms of his present attacks against us, Joseph Prince exposes the age-old strategy of the enemy and what causes him to succeed. See how the law has always been his weapon, how he continues to prosecute us with the law, and how the Lord’s sacrifice and finished work always win the case for us. Wise up today to the wiles of the enemy and live free and victorious!

Praise Report—Freed from Alcohol Addiction 7 Feb. 2018 - Joseph Prince. A personal revelation of God’s grace can break the chains of addiction. Hear how in this encouraging praise report. Joseph Prince: When we push the truth, we see life's transformed in fact. I have hear testimony of a lady from Virginia United States. Her name is Caroline. Let me read to you her testimony. I have been an alcoholic for 34 years.» That's a long time 34 years. Some people 20 years, They think that is a long time, already to be an alcoholic out, to be addicted to anything 34 years. “Although I was born again at the age of 17, that did not stop me from falling into Satan's trap of mental lies. I loved God in my heart, but my mind and body were not in agreement with me and I did not know why I felt like. I was drowning in a black mental and emotional pool condemnation». You see we think people like this you know and when they are in sin and they're in the cycle of addiction, and all that we think they don't care about God. They don't care about the things of God. They have no guilt and all that it's not true. She said that every time she binge, and she's in this cycle of defeat. She comes up with condemnation, she says that she was in bondage to alcohol for 34 years. She said, I love God in my heart but my mind and body were not in agreement.

“Once when I was recovering from the effects of an alcohol binge, I tuned in to a Christian television channel. God had led me to a sermon by Pastor Joseph Prince. Even though I was still feeling guilty over my last bout with alcohol. I found comfort in watching this broadcast. I have been a student of the Bible for many years, see born-again reading the Bible, but found not deliverance in the past the word grace to my religious years, and mine was just a pretty word used in beautiful church songs. Grace never had a fighting chance to free me, because religious preachers were condemning me for my sins. All the time there was a laundry list of never-ending do's and don'ts that. I knew in my alcoholic State I was unable to perform. But when I heard pastor Prince use the word grace on that dark lonely night over your broadcast. There was such an Enlightenment. Pastor Prince verified what that word man in God's kingdom and explained it it was never about me or my sins. When he push on Grace on being all about Jesus, there was when the light of Revelation turned on for me. My mind believed spirit knew and my physical body was relieved, because I had just heard the good news it was finished, just like when Jesus shouted from the wooden cross this alcoholic was a highly favored and deeply loved child of the Most High God. God in His great love for me has given me double for my trouble.»

Listen! I have now been sober for more than 16 months, Amen! 16 months insuring it took them some time before they know it works right. And it's good that you don't write to me India immediately. So that you know that the deliverance is permanent. So after 16 months she wrote this testimony. She said that by then «I left for young women to Christ and helped to baptize them in the sea. I've also written and published a book about addiction. Yes I am free because of Jesus and it is and shall always be about him thank you Pastor Prince.» Praise the Lord hallelujah. Isn't God good

Joseph Prince Sermon - God's Goodness Exceeds Our Wildest Expectations! (19-Sep-2010). Do you believe that God is someone whose goodness you cannot always trust and so need to bargain with, or do you believe that He is a God whose goodness and generosity you can always count on? Join Joseph Prince in this thought-provoking message and see the generosity of our Lord in the parable of the vineyard workers. Learn how having a good opinion of the Lord will cause good things to come your way even if you are the "eleventh-hour worker". You'll find the Lord unfairly good toward you and exceeding your wildest expectations!

Full textual sermon God's Goodness Exceeds Our Wildest Expectations! of Joseph Prince

There is a story in the Bible that for a number of years I am puzzled I don't find preachers preaching on it also. I myself don't preach on it And I was thinking, "How does this reconcile with the grace of Jesus Our adorable Savior Our lovely Lord? You know, because this woman was a Syro-Phoenician woman A Canaanite, she was a non-Jew And the Bible tells us that Jesus was in the northern most part That's the farthest he ever went in His ministry To the northern part where the gentiles were, of Israel.

And He traversed about 20 miles to be up there And then the Canaanite woman A non-Jewish woman came and she said, "Son of David! Have mercy on me! My daughter is grievously tormented of the devil!" And the Bible says Jesus answered her not a word I couldn't understand that This kind, wonderful Savior Jesus, the Son of the living God Eyes blazing with fire Amen? Loving the sinner, hating sin Hating the devil He's always rebuking the devil Welcoming sinners This is our God And yet, He answered her not a word Why?

It wasn't too long ago that I began to study the names of God And I found out she used a phrase that is only exclusive for the Jewish people In another words, she came in pretense that she was Jewish Because she heard about Jesus and His miracle-working power so she came in pretense that she was Jewish because the title 'Son of David' was exclusive for the Jewish people to use of their Messiah Now don't forget Jesus when He first came He was sent to the lost sheep of the house of Israel Only when He died, His salvation is for the entire world But when He walked on earth He was preaching to the seed of Abraham Alright? He was sent to fulfill the promise to the patriarchs, the fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob So He has not yet died. It was not the dispensation for the Gentiles and yet this woman came in pretense saying, "Son of David!" And He answered her not a word And finally when she said, "Lord! Help me" Now it's no more Son of David Now it's Lord You know one time I asked the Lord Why is it Lord that You didn't answer her Just why don't You just give her a miracle anyway?

It will be so good on You when the people read the Bible You ever felt like you're helping sometimes? I mean it will be so good for that woman to come and say "Son of David" even though she was not supposed to use it But you know, just give her the miracle anyway. You know what the Lord said to me? I'll never forget this The Lord said to me If I had given her a miracle when she came in pretense She will never, she can go back to a miracle, but she will never never feel loved. Because you can never feel loved when you are in pretense Let's say you go for a date Alright?

And you are pretending to be someone you're not The person falls in love with you A few weeks passed You will never feel loved because you are in pretense So the Lord wants her to feel loved Wants her to come clean How many know that you can come to Jesus with all your warts and all your blemishes Because your need is your entitlement to His fullness The throne of God is now called the throne of grace It is not for perfect people Grace means unearned, undeserved favor So you can come boldly especially when you don't deserve it. To obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need. 

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