Joseph Prince youtube

Joseph Prince youtube

Joseph Prince (October-21-2018) Short Sunday Message: Ask boldly and receive. Would you like to know how you can inherit every blessing that God has for you? In this message by Joseph Prince, see how God is pleased when you come to Him with a spirit of bold faith!

Joseph Prince - Can You Lose Your Salvation? Part 2 —The Truth About Hebrews. Can a Christian "sin willfully" in the context of Hebrews 10:26 and lose his or her salvation? Join Joseph Prince as he tackles this difficult question many Christians grapple with, and outlines the context for the warning that has frightened many sincere believers. Discover also what the judgment for this particular sin is, whom it is really meant for and whether a Christian can ever be subject to it. Listen to this important message and gain for yourself a clear biblical understanding of this oft-misconstrued portion of Scripture, as well as a deeper revelation and appreciation of the efficacy of Jesus' sacrifice and blood.

Saturday, 29 September 2018 08:10

Joseph Prince - Grace Leads To True Repentance

Joseph Prince - Grace Leads To True Repentance. What is true repentance? Is it being mindful of your sins, and beating yourself over them with much remorse and sorrow? Join Joseph Prince in this must-hear message as he shows you what true repentance is in the new covenant. See for yourself from the Scriptures how genuine, new covenant repentance comes and how it effects victory over sin in your life. This revelation-packed message will correct all legalistic and erroneous notions of repentance, unveil the infinite goodness of your Father's heart and set you on the path to live a glorious life for Him.

Sunday, 09 September 2018 03:07

Joseph Prince - God's Holiness Is On Your Side

Joseph Prince - God's Holiness Is On Your Side.  Jesus' sacrifice at Calvary settled the sin issue once and for all. Today, you are so perfectly justified that God's holiness is and will forever be on your side! The question is whether or not you choose to believe it, and walk in holiness by revelation. This powerful landmark message by Joseph Prince not only establishes your heart in this fundamental truth, but also answers many commonly asked "difficult" questions, such as what the fear of the Lord is. Get your answers to those tough passages in this highly recommended message and set your heart at rest!

Joseph Prince (September-06-2018) Sermon: God’s Blueprint For Leadership. In our information-saturated world, we’re in no shortage of books and courses that teach worldly leadership principles. But what does God’s Word say about leading with effectiveness? Joseph Prince draws vital principles of successful leadership from the life of King David in the Bible. Discover how you can:

• Run with God’s vision for effective ministry.
• Raise future leaders and cultivate them for God’s glory.
• Respond with faith to God’s call upon your life—no matter the circumstances.

Beloved, when you follow God’s blueprint for leadership, you’ll see supernatural results that go beyond what worldly wisdom can accomplish!

Joseph Prince (26-August-2018) Sermon: God’s Plan To Prosper You In The End Times.

In a world where we’re constantly bombarded by discouraging reports of lack and crises, God wants you to know that He has a plan to provide for you and your family—through the divine principle of the tithe. Join Joseph Prince as he reveals scriptural, new-covenant truths about tithing and answers questions about this often-misunderstood topic. Discover how you can:

•Break free from the cycle of lack in your life and be a blessing to those around you.
•See your family constantly cared for and supplied even in these uncertain times.
•Live confident of a bright future as you begin to follow this godly principle.

Beloved, as you tithe out of a revelation of God’s heart of love toward you and not out of obligation, you’ll begin to experience lasting stability and hope even when the world gets darker!

Joseph Prince (Apr 08, 2012)- His Resurrection, My Justification.  Ever wondered why God the Father raised Jesus from the dead? Was it just to fulfill Bible prophecy, or to prove that His Son was indeed the Messiah? In this uplifting Resurrection Sunday sermon by Joseph Prince, you'll be most blessed to know that Jesus was raised from the dead on account of your justification! Where did He go and what He did He do between His death and resurrection? Find out the fascinating answers to these questions and more. Because Jesus is risen and alive today, you can face each day knowing that you are completely forgiven and completely righteous in God's sight!

Joseph Prince (August-21-2018) Grace Leadership Series Volume 2 Trailer.

In Volume 2 of this essential resource, learn practical principles from God’s Word on staying healthy, happy, and fulfilled in ministry and in your personal life! Join Joseph Prince as he delves deeper into God’s wisdom for grace-based leadership and service. In six key messages, discover how you can:

Actively steward God’s gifts in your life
Be an effective servant-leader
Fulfill God’s destiny and calling for your life
Align yourself with His purpose
Develop greater character and strength
Beat burnout and discouragement

Understand God’s purpose for you and His people, and start to experience an overflow of anointing and fruitfulness!

Joseph Prince - Sermon: Be Conscious You're On Favor Ground. The redemptive work of Jesus Christ has placed you on the unshakable ground of God's wonderful grace! Join Joseph Prince in this powerful message as he shows you why you are not called to Mount Sinai, which represents the law that demands and condemns, but Mount Zion, which represents His amazing grace that supplies and saves! Build every area of your life on unshakable Mount Zion where God's limitless favor and blessings abound. Be conscious every day that you are on favor ground wherever you go, and be secure, stable and unshakable in these volatile times!

Joseph Prince (Mar 11, 2012) - Grace—Your Security And Stability In Times Of Shaking. You can remain safe, secure and stable in these troubling times of shaking! In this revelatory message, Joseph Prince expounds on the importance of building our lives on the firm, unshakable foundation of grace and the finished work of Jesus. When we count totally on the Lord's grace, instead of things man-made, for every facet of our lives, we will enjoy true security and stability because what's built on His grace cannot be lost! If you want a Rock-solid family life, career or ministry, then listen to His voice of grace today!

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