Joseph Prince youtube

Joseph Prince youtube

Joseph Prince Short Sermon - When Life Doesn't Make Sense—How To Deal With Life's Disappointments Trailer. Disappointments, frustrations, closed doors, difficult colleagues…are you trying to make sense of these constant struggles? Joseph Prince shows you how you can see your situations through the lens of God’s grace and love for you, and develop greater character, resilience, and strength through these seemingly negative circumstances. Discover also how you can live safe and secure in these increasingly troubling times by counting totally on the Lord’s grace rather than things man-made for every facet of life. Instead of being frustrated and confused, see how much God cares about you and begin to enjoy true security and stability in life!

Sermon of Joseph Prince - ​Got A Weakness? God Can Use You! - 23 Jul 17 online. Think your weaknesses disqualify you from being used mightily by God? That they limit your success and future? In this encouraging message by Joseph Prince, see how God’s grace abounds in the areas of your weakness. If you’ve experienced loss or feel like you are the least and last compared to everyone else, discover from Scripture how that makes you a prime candidate to experience God’s undeserved favor and miracle-working power. Whether it’s a bad temper, an addiction, or a past you’re ashamed of, trust Him today for His restoration and see Him turn every weakness into an amazing testimony for His glory!

Joseph Prince Sermon - ​Are You Frustrating The Favor Of God? -16 Jul 2017 online. How can you walk increasingly in God’s favor and what hinders it from flowing freely in your life? Join Joseph Prince to find out what God’s unmerited favor really is, how it can turn your entire situation around, and how this favor can be multiplied in your life. See from the Scriptures what nullifies and frustrates God’s favor and learn what frees it to work mightily on your behalf. Start to see breakthroughs in your challenges when you know how to allow God’s favor to bring His supply and good success to every area!

Joseph Prince Sermon - Set Free To Reign In Life (Live at MegaFest)​ - 9 Jul 17 online. Jesus sets you free to live victorious! In this powerful Christ-centered message preached at MegaFest 2017, Joseph Prince points you to the loving Savior who came to set sinners and captives free. Receive revelatory truths from Scripture after Scripture on how it is the gospel of grace, and not the law, that liberates, restores, heals, and empowers you to reign in life. Be set free from guilt and condemnation, sickness and every bondage, as you encounter first-hand the pure grace of our Lord Jesus in this uplifting message. Wherever you’re at in life today, God wants to transform your life from glory to glory!

Sermon Praise Report - Healed Of Knee Pain by Joseph Prince Youtube Ministries online. Just as Jesus is healthy and whole, so are you in this world. Hear how focusing on Jesus brings about healing and wholeness.

Joseph Prince sermon - Live Strong In The Father’s Love - 18 Jun 17. Your heavenly Father’s love makes you strong and victorious! In this powerful message, Joseph Prince shows how as children thrive on their father’s love, we as believers overcome when we constantly receive our heavenly Father’s love. Get a fresh dose of God’s love as Joseph reveals how the story of the Prodigal Son contrasts with the old covenant law that deals with rebellious sons. See why, because another Son took all our punishment and fulfilled the law, our heavenly Father now has a righteous foundation to bless us. Begin to defeat your giants and possess your inheritance as you live strong in your Father’s love!

Sermon Praise Report - Marriage Restored Through God’s Grace by Joseph Prince Ministries Online. Hear how receiving God’s grace into your life can cause your relationships to turn around for the better.

Joseph Prince - The Holy Communion Brings Life In Your Darkest Hour Trailer Youtube Online. In your darkest hour, when all seems lost, bring out the bread and wine! In two powerful sermons, Joseph Prince shows you how the Holy Communion is God’s sure way of escape in every trial. See from the Scriptures how Communion brings life, shalom-peace, and deliverance during times of crisis and despair. Understand what the bread and wine represent and how to partake freely in a worthy manner. You’ll discover why divine strength and life are yours when you partake often, and be encouraged by amazing praise reports. Whatever your challenge today, receive the bread and wine that Jesus brings you, and go from lack to fullness, and strength to strength! 

Sermon Praise Report—Restoration Of Relationship With Son by Joseph Prince Ministries Online. See how a revelation of God's love brings restoration to a strained mother-son relationship in this inspiring praise report.

Sermon by Joseph Prince online - Live Stress-Free By His Spirit. Live stress-free in the face of life’s demands as you’re led by the Spirit! Joseph Prince shows you how you can overcome the pressures of life by flowing with the divine Helper sent to live in and guide every believer. Understand how He leads you on the wavelength of peace to experience both rest and practical wisdom for good success. Learn also how praying in the Spirit unlocks rivers of peace, love, healing, and wholeness to your heart and mind. Stop living life frantic and anxious, start flowing with God’s Spirit, and see divine results as you are led by His Spirit!

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