Joseph Prince youtube

Joseph Prince youtube

Joseph Prince (04 Dec 11) - Grace Flows In Your Weaknesses. What's your area of weakness? Are you terrified of public speaking? Or perhaps you've got a temper problem. Whatever it is, the good news is that the oversupplying grace of God can turn the demerits you see in your life into areas of great blessings! In this inspiring message, Joseph Prince shares how God's superabounding grace is drawn to every area of weakness and can empower you to do what you cannot do. Don't let your failures condemn you—find confidence in His transforming grace that specializes in turning weaknesses into God-glorifying strengths!

Joseph Prince (27 Nov 2011) Sermon: The Battle For Your Mind. Defeated by Christ, the devil resorts to lies and mind games to ensnare believers today. In this eye-opening message, Joseph Prince exposes the devil's age-old strategy, and shows you how the enemy works to enforce strongholds in our lives. Discover the simple yet powerful biblical solution to winning this battle over crippling defeatist thoughts that impede you from being all that God intended for you to be. Hear this faith-filled message and be set free to enjoy mental wholeness and victory in every area of life today!

Joseph Prince (Sep.21, 2011) - Forgiveness Explained ( A Heaven To Gain And A Hell To Shun).

Joseph Prince (Aug 28, 2011) - The Secret Of David—A Man After God's Own Heart. Want to be like David, a man after God's own heart? Joseph Prince shows you how in this inspiring message on making Jesus central in your life. You'll discover how a life of unfulfilled expectations and disappointments can be transformed into a most fulfilling one when you make the Lord's vision, purposes and goals your own. Like David, you can become a man or woman after God's own heart, and live a life with deep soul satisfaction and abundant provision. Step out into a wonderful and exciting life with Jesus at the center of it all!

Joseph Prince (03 Jun 2018) Give Jesus Your Cares And Live Stress-Free (Live @ Lakewood Church). Did you know that living stress-free is your blood-bought right? Preaching in Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, Joseph Prince shows you how you’ve been redeemed from stress, and how stress-free success comes when you learn to follow God’s ways of rest. Become undevourable to the enemy when you give every care to the Lord, and see His grace cover every demand when you are conscious of His supply. Whatever your challenge, when you let go of your worries and let Jesus take care of the need, you’ll enjoy His peace that the world cannot replicate and even see divine restoration for your losses!

Joseph Prince Prays For The Sick During Servers' Retreat

Joseph Prince (17 July 2011) - Heaven's Cure For Earthly Ills. What is the Bible cure for sadness, grief and disappointment? Join Joseph Prince on another exciting Emmaus Road trip where he shows you why unscriptural views can lead to unfulfilled expectations and hence disappointment. Learn how you can overcome such disappointment and find real enjoyment in life when Jesus Himself becomes your pursuit and not just a means to an end. This revelatory message will deliver you from the common ills and doldrums of life as you discover how to make Christ your center, and find the joy of being immersed in Christ alone, heaven's cure for all your earthly ills!

Joseph Prince (27 May 2018) Stronger Through Every Trial And Battle.

Are you going through a difficult and trying season in your life? Find hope again as Joseph Prince gives you a God-perspective of your struggle—that you will come out of it with His strength in you and His blessing on you. Be comforted and encouraged as you learn from the Word of God how:

- God wants to turn every battle around for your ultimate victory and for His glory.
- You’ll be made strong as you walk closely with Him through the fights of life.
- He is building lasting character and stability in you.

Take heart, beloved, for your God fights your battles with you. With Him, you can face every challenge with hope and strength!

Joseph Prince (May-30-2018) Praise Report—Freed from Addictions and Condemnation. “The gospel of Christ is not about what I do but about believing that Jesus has already done everything for me.”

Joseph Prince - God is for you today! - 14 Aug 2011 Have you been taught that when you sin, you are no longer "in the light" and God is no longer for you? Joseph Prince addresses this erroneous teaching that is based on a misunderstanding of 1 John 1:7. Understand how you as a believer can NEVER be out of the light because Jesus' blood keeps on cleansing you! Let this message set you free from sin-consciousness and the frustration, fear and despair that come with it. You will walk in true peace and joy as you see how God is ALWAYS for you because of the efficacy of Jesus' blood and His perfect sacrifice!

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