Joseph Prince youtube

Joseph Prince youtube

Joseph Prince (01-04-2018) The Greatest Demonstration of His Love For You (Love Has Won the War Part 6/6). Blessed Easter, fam! If the past 5 videos we've posted have felt like soaking in warm baths of the Lord's love, today's video will be like jumping into an ocean of it. :') Press play to see how God has taken the depths of our depravity, and turned it into His greatest act of love for all eternity. We can celebrate Easter today because Jesus didn't just die on the cross for us—He rose from the grave as proof that God's accepted His payment for all our sins, and that we can now have an unending, unbreakable relationship with Him for all time (see Rom 4:25, 2 Cor 5:18–19). Truly, as the old hymn goes: Because He [Jesus] lives, we can face tomorrow. And life is worth living, just because He us believers, always.

Joseph Prince - The War Against Worthlessness (Love Has Won the War Part 5/6) (31-03-2018). "You're just too difficult to love." "You're not worth anyone's love." Have you felt this way before? Friend, don't live another day with these lies any longer. You've gotta watch today's clip to see just how much you mean to the Lord of the universe Himself, and how much He DELIGHTS in loving you. How far He came, from heaven to earth to die the most painful death for you, because it brought Him such joy to save you (see Heb. 12:2). Tag someone who needs to hear this today

The sermon "Noah - The Real Story", 13 Apr 2014 by Joseph Prince.  Who was Noah, what was the real reason for the flood, and why did God choose to save only Noah and his family? What was really happening on earth at that time and why? Get the answers and much more as Joseph Prince presents the real Holy Word—not Hollywood—story of Noah. Let faith arise as you see God's mercy in sending the great flood, why He wants you to look heavenward to Him and how you have a watertight salvation in Christ the true ark. Hear this message and live with a true sense of security and hope in the end times.

Joseph Prince - Come As You Are And Receive Your Miracle - 25 Mar 2018. Will God hear us when we come to Him as we are with all our failings and disqualifications? Find certainty as you hear Joseph Prince reveal how God truly sees you through the cross, and why you can always approach Jesus just as you are for help. See from the story of Jesus healing the leper how God does not just have the power but also the heart to supply your area of need. Understand too how God cannot bless hypocrisy, why you can be totally transparent in His presence, and how you can pray bold prayers and receive your miracle!

Joseph Prince (27-June-2010) Why Pray If God Is All-Knowing? If God is all-knowing and all-powerful, why does He still want us to tell Him our problems and remind Him about His promises? Surely God isn't ignorant or forgetful, is He? Get the answers in this heart-warming message by Joseph Prince. Find out how it is God's joy and delight when we talk with Him, especially when we call to remembrance His promises and His Son's finished work. Listen to this message today and take your relationship with God to a whole new level!

Joseph Prince (23-03-2018) Love Has Won the War (Spoken Word video) (Part 1/6). Welcome to our Easter series, Love Has Won The War. Over the next week, we'll be dropping a series of 6 videos all the way till Easter Sunday! When you think about Easter, what comes to mind? Is it grand battles between the armies of heaven and hell? The image of Jesus hanging on the cross? Thoughts like: "Yes...I know Christ died for me, but what does that mean for me in my everyday?" But did you know that when Jesus died on that cross for you, He didn't just win victory in the greatest, most epic war of all eternity. He also won the war for your PEACE today. His love has won every battle against the accusing and condemning lies in your head, and the storms of emotional turmoil that might be raging in your heart. So join us over the next week as we show you, again and again and again, what Jesus' finished work means for you today in very real and practical ways! Tag a friend who'll enjoy this video!

Joseph Prince (21-03-2018) Golgotha - God's Love Revealed Trailer. In man’s cruelest act against God, see God’s greatest love revealed! In this uplifting Resurrection Sunday sermon, Joseph Prince unveils the love of God like never before. See how much the Lord suffered for you at Calvary so that you can call God your heavenly Father and always enjoy His presence and blessings. Learn also how the Lord’s resurrection gives you victory over fearfulness, faithlessness, and fruitlessness. Whatever your challenge today, experience the peace and joy the disciples had when they saw their risen Lord, and let His love, finished work, and resurrection life propel you into victory!

God Has Crowned You With Glory And Honor! - Joseph Prince (2-Jan-2011). Get your eyes off your lack and inadequacies by getting a fresh revelation of how God has already crowned you with glory and honor, and encircled you with His favor! Join Joseph Prince in this powerful message for 2011—you'll rejoice to know that God has already crowned your year with His goodness and abundance. Learn to be conscious of what He has crowned you with and watch all negativity, sickness and depression leave your life. Discover also how your paths this year will drip undeniably with God's abundance the more you listen and listen to the finished work of Jesus!

Jesus' Heart For You Revealed In Joseph's Story - Joseph Prince (21-Nov-2010). If there's an Old Testament character that best typifies Jesus, it is Joseph in the Book of Genesis. Follow this young man's dramatic story in this must-hear message by Joseph Prince, and be greatly encouraged as you see the unconditional love of Jesus for you revealed. Find out how His grace is greater than any mistake you have committed and greater than any lack in your life. You'll be strengthened as you learn how Jesus does not hold your sins against you, but draws you near to Him so that He can banish all your fears, regrets and anxieties!

Can I pray for someone else's miracle when I haven't seen mine yet? - Joseph Prince (12-03-2018). If you've ever believed the lie that you can't pray for someone's healing / career / family because you're not all ? in those areas, let this video set you free. Did you know that Abraham in the Bible prayed for a king and his family to have children, even when he had none at all? Watch the video to find out what happens and be encouraged!

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