Joseph Prince youtube

Joseph Prince youtube

Joseph Prince - Experience God’s Restoration For Every Regret (4-Mar-2018). Stop living with past regrets—turn them over to Jesus and experience double for your trouble because of His superabounding grace in your areas of weakness! In this uplifting message preached at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, Joseph Prince shows you how God can restore your losses because of Jesus’ sacrifice for all your failures. See from the Bible examples of Moses, David, and Peter how God is able to give you honor for your shame and even turn your weakness into a powerful testimony of His goodness. You can’t change the past, but you can expect a bright future when you look to Him for restoration!

Praise Report Mar.07 2018 —Delivered from Addiction and Serving God with Confidence - Joseph Prince.  “God is not angry with me.” That revelation changed Ariel's life. Hear his encouraging story in this video.

Jesus - A Brother Like No Other - Joseph Prince (7-Nov-2010). Want to see God's grace and peace multiplied in your life? Join Joseph Prince in this inspiring sermon that is packed with revelatory truths. Through the biblical account of Joseph, see our Lord Jesus unveiled not only as a God of power and might, but also as our tenderhearted brother. Find out how He is working behind the scenes to work everything out for your good. As you begin to see His heart to protect, provide for and defend you, you'll begin to experience His favor, peace and blessings of protection and provision on a whole new level!

Joseph Prince - Lost your way? God's still around (04-04-2018). We hope you've been blessed by the past two days of seeing God's sheer goodness in prophet Elijah's story! If you've read it in 1 Kings 17–19, you'll know that Elijah once fled (needlessly) from the wicked queen Jezebel to a cave on Mount Horeb (see 1 Kings 19:8–9). But press play to see how God was right there with Elijah, even though He didn't lead him there. Today, if you've taken certain detours in life and are wondering if God's still around, the answer is a resounding YES

God's With You, Especially When You're Down - Joseph Prince (03-03-2018). If you've ever done things because of fear that seemed totally irrational on hindsight, you're not alone. The prophet Elijah once FLED at a wicked woman Jezebel's threat to kill him, even though he'd literally just killed all her prophets and disproved the existence of her god (see 1 Kings 19:1–3). But watch to see how the Lord never took His eyes off Elijah, even when Elijah lost sight of Him. Friend, there's truly nothing God won't do to make you feel His love, even more so when you're down. Find out how He did it for Elijah in the video, and we'll see you tomorrow with the final part of the series!

The God Who Shows Up 02.03.2018 - Joseph Prince (sermon online). Hey folks! We’re starting our series on the prophet Elijah’s life today. Elijah lived in a time where Israel was tyrannized by the wicked King Ahab and his wife Jezebel, who worshiped the god Baal (1 Kings 16:30–32). But watch to see how God majestically showed Himself to be the one true God (check out 1 Kings 18:20–40 for the full story). As God listened to Elijah’s cries back then and showed up, He hears you today and is your very present help in time of need. Plus, while God’s fire which Elijah called down back then completely burnt up the animal sacrifice AND the altar, Jesus is still alive today (He rose again after sacrificing Himself to bear all the judgment for our sins through His death on the cross). He’s the reason why you can live as God’s fully forgiven, fully loved child today, and His love makes you an overcomer in life.

Joseph Prince - Speak God's Language of Faith (31-Oct-2010). Ever wondered what the language of faith sounds like? Join Joseph Prince in this exciting exposition of what God's language of faith is. Learn how, like God, you can speak good things into existence and see the miracles you are believing for manifest in your life. Understand the importance of acknowledging that you already have what you ask God for in prayer even when you still can't see or touch it. This powerful message will help you to receive the breakthrough you need as you begin to comprehend and speak God's language of faith!

Joseph Prince - Abundance And Strength In The Presence Of Jesus (01-05-2011). Have you ever, like the disciples, "toiled all night and caught nothing"? Find out in this inspiring message by Joseph Prince how weakness, lack and fruitlessness can't help but give way to strength, abundance and good success in the presence of Jesus. Learn how you can "cast your net on the right side" and draw into every situation of need a huge "catch" of the Lord's provision and blessings. You'll be blessed as you hear about how our resurrected Lord Jesus' heart is still to prosper and bless you, and take you from defeat to victory, and from empty to plenty!

Joseph Prince - What is Earnest Prayer to God? (22-May-2011). Ever wondered if you are praying "hard" enough for God to hear and answer you? Does God want you to pray long, pleading prayers with your head between your aching knees? Join Joseph Prince in this most enlightening message on what God considers as earnest prayer. Get a fresh revelation of the love and goodness of the One you are praying to, and be encouraged to know that "big" problems are no problem for God to solve. This message will surely change the way you pray, and position you to receive your answer every time you pray!

Let God love you first - Joseph Prince (23-02-2018). If you've ever heard "You gotta love God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength..." and felt so tired, this video is just what you need. Press play to discover the liberating truth about what loving God really looks like, and allow Him to refresh your soul!

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