Joseph Prince youtube

Joseph Prince youtube

Joseph Prince`s sermon fragment "How To Pray Powerful Prayers" 16 Jun 13.  It`s powerful message. Why pray if God knows all my needs? Must I pray long and hard before God hears and answers me? Does God answer "selfish" prayers? Find out the answers and more as Joseph Prince tackles these common questions about prayer and exposes erroneous beliefs that have hindered believers from experiencing powerful prayer lives. Let right believing take root as you see through the scriptures how much God wants you to turn to Him and ask Him to provide for and restore to you—no matter how impossible your situation. Hear this message to step into a prayer life full of faith, rest, power and miracles!

Joseph Prince`s sermon fragment - Worship With The Psalms Of David And See Good Days ( old episode 13 Jan 13).  Good days are right around the corner when you begin to wield the powerful weapon of worship! In this revelatory sermon by Joseph Prince, learn how you can, like David, go from despair and fear to peace, joy and strength in the Lord as you look to Him and magnify His name. Get acquainted with the beautiful psalms of David and see how God can, in an instant, turn every negative situation around as you worship Him through these anointed songs of praise. Watch the Lord destroy every enemy and be a shield to you as you learn to praise Him at all times!

Joseph Prince - Speak Out What You Believe In Christ! (17-Oct-2010). Want to see a change for the better in your circumstances? Then join Joseph Prince in this practical and enlightening message as he reveals the key to bringing in God's intervention and blessings into your situation. Learn how speaking what you believe in Christ causes His light to flood every dark situation and opens the door to receiving your miracle. Begin partnering your believing with faith-filled speaking and see the favor and power of God work for you and turn every negative circumstance around for your good!

No matter what's happened, I love you - Joseph Prince - 2018-2-14. Happy Valentine's Day, folks! We hope that you'll truly have a happy Valentine's Day, after reading God's little love letters to you on our grid over the past 13 days. (And if you haven't, you can read all of them at once now) ?

Sometimes though, we fail so terribly in life that we think God cannot possibly love us anymore. But see how that couldn't be further from the truth, in the story of the prodigal son who probably felt the same way. We’ll let the video do the talking. ☝? Enjoy, and you can read the full story in Luke 15!

Finally, if you've enjoyed these little snippets on our feed and HAVEN'T signed up for our full 14-day devotional (where have you been the past 13 days?), don't miss out on it!

We'll see y’all soon with more great content!

Joseph Prince - Do you know how much I love you? (13-02-2018). Have you ever regretted pushing someone's love away one time too many? We just want to assure you today that you'll never succeed in pushing away God's love from you. Ever. (Tip: The faster you receive it though, the better life will be ?). Long before we even knew about God, He’d already sent His precious only Son, our Lord Jesus to die for our sins, so that our mistakes and failures would never stand in the way of us having an eternal relationship with Him (2 Corinthians 5:18–19). And He's never stopped loving us since. Just take a moment to think about that…truly, God’s love for us is relentless.

Joseph Prince - Uncovering The Enemy’s Tactics Against You Part 2 (11 Feb 2018). Hearing accusations from the enemy every time you fail? What’s so harmful about that? In Part 2 of this series, Joseph Prince goes deeper to show you why accepting the enemy’s accusations and condemnation is more dangerous than you think. It can lead to sicknesses, failed relationships, and even depression with suicidal thoughts. Learn how your best strategy against the devil is always to look to Jesus as your sin offering. His sacrifice alone fully satisfies God’s righteous requirements and silences every voice of accusation. Get powerful insights in this series to live free from fear and sickness, and launch into a life of victory!

Joseph Prince Sermon - Receive Restoration As You Walk With Jesus (10-Oct-2010). Delve into a deeper, more exciting study of the Emmaus road experience the two disciples had with Jesus on resurrection morning! Join Joseph Prince as he takes you on a similar journey, uncovering one step at a time, revelatory truths about Jesus and His perfect sacrifice. The truths presented will bring forth restoration and rejuvenation as your heart is bathed in the warmth of God's love. Learn how as we see Jesus in the Word and talk about Him, the Lord Himself draws near to impart to us His truth, life, wisdom and strength. This is one journey you don't want to miss!

Joseph Prince - Sermon How Believers Fall From Grace. When we lean entirely on God's grace, Christ performs mightily in our lives! But when we try to deserve God's favor through our own performance, we fall from His grace. Joseph Prince reveals this life-changing truth in the lives of Jacob and Esau, and in the story of the prodigal son and his older brother. Be encouraged as you find out how God's love, acceptance and favor are already and unconditionally yours—simply because you are His beloved child. This key truth will take you from defeat to victory in your relationships, career, health and every area of life!

Joseph Prince - Sermon Why Are There Calamities In This World If God Is Love? Why does creation still groan with earthquakes, tsunamis and other calamities if God is love? Is He not also fully in charge of the earth? Get the answers to these burning questions in this must-hear message by Joseph Prince. Learn what creation is eagerly waiting and crying for, and what all the drama in the Bible is about. You will gain wisdom and understanding to face and take charge of the fallen earth as you step into your high calling as sons of God!

Joseph Prince - Uncovering The Enemy’s Tactics Against You (04-Feb 18). See as never before how and why the devil comes against you, and how you can defeat him at every turn! In this revelatory message that begins with Satan’s creation all the way to the forms of his present attacks against us, Joseph Prince exposes the age-old strategy of the enemy and what causes him to succeed. See how the law has always been his weapon, how he continues to prosecute us with the law, and how the Lord’s sacrifice and finished work always win the case for us. Wise up today to the wiles of the enemy and live free and victorious!

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