Sunday Services with Joseph Prince 2023

JOIN New Creation Church Sunday Service with Joseph Prince, Live Stream May-28-2023.• 11.30am SGT | 3.30am GMT• 2.30pm SGT | 6.30am GMT• 5.30pm SGT | 9.30am GMT JOSEPH PRINCE LIVE STREAM - ENGLISH SUNDAY SERVICE ONLINE AT NEW CREATION CHURCH The parable of the sower gives various reasons why some…

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Sunday Services with Joseph Prince 2023

Sunday Service with Joseph Prince in new creation church 2023

The message of the cross to many in the world is still viewed as stories gathered over a period of time and is to be told from ages to ages. But to others, the effectiveness of this message is beyond stories but is life and the voice of a loving father. Before Jesus Christ could ascend up into heaven, He gave us ability to continue Sharing this message of the cross. As Christians, our existence in eternity dependence on this very Message of the Cross.

One may ask, what is that very message of the Cross? How is it different from other religious messages? Well, Pastor Joseph Prince is here in New Creation Church to help you understand the message of the Cross and its impact in humanity. Pastor Joseph Prince is an evangelist and the senior pastor of New Creation Church based in Singapore and reaching out to billions in the world.

To grow in the knowledge of God and to mature spiritually requires a continuous and dedicated time of worship to God. After one is fully matured, He begins to see him or herself in a mission of soul-winning. God Almighty has called pastor Joseph Prince to bring many to Christ and the New Creation Church is faithful to this mission by providing live Sunday service with Pastor Joseph Prince to be viewed by all in every part of the world. New Creation church is a home for everyone who is willing to grow in the Knowledge of God as the broadcast Live Sunday services with Pastor Joseph Prince.

Are you looking for an answer to the question “ what is the message of the Cross? “, then search no more, Joseph Prince live today is answering hidden mysteries of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. As you join the live Broadcasts and stream live Sunday services with Joseph Prince at New Creation Church, you will get to understand “ the grace of God” towards us.


The miraculous things that Jesus Christ did in his days on earth are not gone yet. God is still changes lives and making meaning out of lives. Every day, billions of testimonies are been sent to the man of God for getting to Know God again, being freed from an addiction and many more through the live broadcasting and live streaming with Joseph Prince in New Creation Church. With the live Sunday service with Joseph Prince, every day is a Miracle.

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