Sermons Online by Joyce Meyer 2020

Sermons Online by Joyce Meyer 2020

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Joyce Meyer, TD Jakes & Joel Osteen (December-04-2020) Watch Motivation: LET IT GO! If you are having a hard time forgiving someone that hurt you, then watch this! The message in this video is so powerful and uplifting. A definite must see! Hope you all enjoy this video. Stay strong, be encouraged and inspired. Remember, everything will be okay, you will get through this!


Joyce Meyer (December-04-2020) Watch Sermon: Unplug, Unwind and De-stress: Part 5. A 15-minute teaching applying practical principles from God's Word to everyday life.


The sermon "Balance Is SO Important" by Joyce Meyer. Are you living a balanced life? Find out above!

Be well balanced. Any time that we're out of balance in our life in any area, it opens up a door for the enemy. If you don't spend enough time with your family, you're gone too much, you're not taking the right time to sow into your relationships, it's gonna open a door for the enemy and there's gonna be problems in the family. If you a...

Joyce Meyer  (December-04-2020) Daily Devotion: A Calm Delight. 

When you consider joy, you might think of one of those bubbly people who seems "up" all the time, but maybe you’re not like that (neither am I!). If you happen to be that type of person naturally, good for you! But for those of us who tend to be very serious, it’s important that we take the time and learn how to have fun, breathe, and lighten up a little.

What is ...

All Things Are Possible -  Joyce Meyer (sermon online). Don't believe the "NEVER" lie!

What would have happened to me, David's saying? What kind of a miserable life would I have had, if I would not have believed that I was going to see God's goodness while I was still alive and on this earth?

Joyce Meyer: what's gonna happen if we buy into that nothing's ever gonna change lie? "you're never gonna change, nothing's ever gonna ch...

Unplug, Unwind and De-stress. Part 4 - Joyce Meyer, podcast (December-03-2020). A 15-minute teaching applying practical principles from God's Word to everyday life.


He Knows Us - Joyce Meyer

In sermon - He Knows Us - Joyce Meyer Says: You know, we are not getting anything past God. He knows us, i'm talking about knows us. And no matter what we hide from everybody else, even from ourselves, we get really good at hiding things even from ourselves, God knows.

And this scripture says that when christ comes back again, that everything is gonna be brought out in the open and made plain and clear...

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Where can I watch Joyce Meyer sermon?

Surely, each person fell into a hopeless situation. At such moments, it seems that no way out can be found. In fact, if you turn to the Bible, correctly interpret the meaning of verses, you can decide on a decision. 

A person can be in this "hole" for a long time, feel sorry for himself, blame himself for mistakes, but this cannot be solved. Faith will help you turn to a strong, omnipresent, all-wise and loving God. 


Faith in this case is no longer just a mental agreement with the fact of the existence of God. Belief in such an appeal to God means recognition of one"s own insufficiency and dependence on outside help.

Why should we listen to Joyce Meyer preaching?

If you find yourself in a hopeless situation and don’t know how to find a solution, then the pastor Joyce Meyer will help you with this.

Be honest with yourself, you must clearly understand the situation: who really stands behind everything that happened. Of course, you can pretend to be a victim of circumstances, sit and cry about the cruelty of those around you, but such behavior will not help you solve the problem. If you convert to religion, you can see God"s hand. 

First of all, remember the place of your consecration. The church is a place for the purification and atonement of sins for many believers, because it is there that you will be closer to the Almighty. 


In your thoughts you must repeat God"s word. When a person is in darkness, his thoughts are locked in a strong and hopeless circle, so you need to start your thought process in a new circle, saturate your mind with the Word so that it helps you to get out of darkness. Otherwise, you will continue to “cook” in your own worrying thoughts. Joyce Meyer video will inspire you, clarify the sky above your head and allow you to look at the situation with different eyes.

There is not a single person in this world who would not have passed the valley of the shadow of death at one time or another in his life. The meaning of such trials is to help us completely disbelieve in our own strengths and become spiritually poor before God, recognizing our need for Him. When there is no other source of light, we must reach out to His light, with faith in His presence and mercy.

Where can I watch Joyce Meyer online?

If your loved one is in a difficult situation, then you can help him. Pray with him, appeal to the Lord with him. The pastor Joyce Meyers helps desperate people to regain God and faith in Him, because this is the only right decision.

Some people do not have time to come to church during the preaching, in such cases you can go to the site and see video with Joyce Meyer.

Thanks to faith in God you will receive:

  • calm in life;

  • learn to understand what is happening;

  • become closer to Him.