Sermons Online by Joyce Meyer 2023

Joyce Meyer (May-28-2023) Daily Devotion: Best You were created to have a deep, intimate, personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ and the very best life He came to offer. Acts 10:34 (AMPC) says, …God shows no partiality and is no respecter of persons. This means His promises apply equally…

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Joyce Meyer (May-28-2023) Daily Devotional: No Excuses. Jeremiah was a very young man who was given a very big job. God told him that he had been called as a prophet to the nations. He was to be a mouthpiece for God. The thought of it frightened Jeremiah, and he…
Joyce Meyer (may-27-2023) Daily Devotional: Faith to Do It When God told Abraham to leave his home and relatives, Abraham first had to go out before God would show him the destination (see Genesis 12:1). As was true of Abraham, God has given each of us "a measure of faith."…
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Joyce Meyer (May-27-2023) Daily Devotional: How to Defeat the Enemy and Live Boldly. Though you do have an enemy, you have nothing to fear. The devil has no power over you—none! The moment you gave your life to the Lord, you became a redeemed, forgiven, righteous child of God. Satan…
Joyce Meyer (May-26-2023) Daily Devotion: Don’t Fall for Pride. Pride is something God hates, and it’s easily one of the enemy’s greatest tools. Pride comes before destruction and pre­vents promotion in our lives. Pride erases our compassion for others and causes us to treat their problems and concerns like they…
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Sermons Online by Joyce Meyer 2023

Where can I watch Joyce Meyer's sermon 2023?

Surely, each person fell into a hopeless situation. At such moments, it seems that no way out can be found. In fact, if you turn to the Bible, correctly interpret the meaning of verses, you can decide on a decision. 

A person can be in this "hole" for a long time, feel sorry for himself, blame himself for mistakes, but this cannot be solved. Faith will help you turn to a strong, omnipresent, all-wise and loving God. 


Faith in this case is no longer just a mental agreement with the fact of the existence of God. Belief in such an appeal to God means recognition of one"s own insufficiency and dependence on outside help.

Why should we listen to Joyce Meyer preaching?

If you find yourself in a hopeless situation and don’t know how to find a solution, then the pastor Joyce Meyer will help you with this.

Be honest with yourself, you must clearly understand the situation: who really stands behind everything that happened. Of course, you can pretend to be a victim of circumstances, sit and cry about the cruelty of those around you, but such behavior will not help you solve the problem. If you convert to religion, you can see God"s hand. 

First of all, remember the place of your consecration. The church is a place for the purification and atonement of sins for many believers, because it is there that you will be closer to the Almighty. 


In your thoughts you must repeat God"s word. When a person is in darkness, his thoughts are locked in a strong and hopeless circle, so you need to start your thought process in a new circle, saturate your mind with the Word so that it helps you to get out of darkness. Otherwise, you will continue to “cook” in your own worrying thoughts. Joyce Meyer video will inspire you, clarify the sky above your head and allow you to look at the situation with different eyes.

There is not a single person in this world who would not have passed the valley of the shadow of death at one time or another in his life. The meaning of such trials is to help us completely disbelieve in our own strengths and become spiritually poor before God, recognizing our need for Him. When there is no other source of light, we must reach out to His light, with faith in His presence and mercy.

Where can I watch Joyce Meyer online?

If your loved one is in a difficult situation, then you can help him. Pray with him, appeal to the Lord with him. The pastor Joyce Meyers helps desperate people to regain God and faith in Him, because this is the only right decision.

Some people do not have time to come to church during the preaching, in such cases you can go to the site and see video with Joyce Meyer.

Thanks to faith in God you will receive:

  • calm in life;

  • learn to understand what is happening;

  • become closer to Him.

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