Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer - is a popular Christian preacher, minister, Bible teacher and author of about God, Bible and Christianity.

Joyce Meyer was born in 1943 in St. Louis in the USA. The early years of Joyce Meyer's life were very dramatic:

  • according to her, she was subject of sexual violence from her father;
  • divorce with the first husband (they were married for 5 years) because of her husband's treason;
  • breast cancer in later years.

After a while (in 1967), Joyce married Dave Meyer for the second time, an engineer of drawings. They have 4 adult children.

Ministries of Joyce Meyer

The early Joyce Meyers Ministries began in 1976 - she was a Bible teacher. First, Joyce began preaching the Bible in a local cafeteria, later in a local Lutheran church. In the eighties she became a pastor's assistant. After several years, the church became very popular in many ways thanks to the Joyce Meyers service. At the same time, Joyce began to speak on the radio - local radio station allocated 15 minutes for her service.

The breast cancer experienced by Joyce Meyer became the subject of the book Look Great, Feel Great: 12 Keys to Enjoying a Healthy Life Now. In which she set out her experience of victory over the disease.

In the mid-eighties, Joyce Meyer left her former ministry and founded her own church, which in the beginning was called "Life in the Word". Her ministry was broadcasted on six radio stations. In the 93rd, she held her service on television in a studio in Chicago for the first time. Over time, the television Joyce Meyers Ministries became very popular and reached several million viewers. According to the Time magazine, Joyce Meyer was one of the most influential Evangelicals in the United States.

At the moment, Joyce Meyers Ministries covers more than 30 countries. The central office employs more than 600 people, in the regional - more than 300 people.

Service the Hand of Hope

The ministry of the Hand of Hope is an important part of the world Joyce Meyer Ministries – its goal is to validate the truth of God's gospel with real affairs. The geography of the ministry is the whole world, the objects of service are the suffering and poor.

Joyce Meyers personal experience

Life and personal experience have become a kind of visiting card of the Joyce Meyers Ministry. For more than fifty years, she has been bringing God's gospel to the people, reinforcing the sermons with her life experience.

Criticism of the Joyce Meyers Ministries

Although Joyce Meyers Ministries is very successful and versatile, it is worth paying attention to the critical moments of the ministry:

  • It is often criticized for living an excessive lifestyle: large amount of real estate, major savings, a huge fleet of vehicles, own aircraft - according to numerous critics it contradicts the basic idea of ​​Christian doctrine;
  • There is also frequent criticism of a one-sided ministry of success and prosperity.

Local magazines conducted their own independent investigation, which revealed a large number of private real estate owned by Joyce Meyer. After the locus of service and development investigation, US Congress Committee on Finance interested in Joyce Meyers, which, as a result of the investigation, found no violation of the law.


The ministry of Joyce Meyer has a great influence in the modern Christian world, thanks to her ministry, millions of people have heard the Gospel, but one shouldn’t forget about criticism that can be fully justified.

Whatever it was, listening to sermons, weigh everything on the scales of the Bible and draw conclusions!

Joyce Meyer (January-24-2022) Daily Devotional: Loving God with Your Words

It is good to have love for God in your heart, but even better to express it with the words of your mouth. Tell God several times each day that you love Him; say with the psalmist David: " I love You fervently and devotedly, O Lord my Strength" (Ps. 18:1). it isn't good enough to merely think, "God knows how I feel." Are you blessed when people tell you they love and appreciate you? Of course you are, and it blesses God when we verbalize our love and praise for Him. verbal expression of love and gratitude improves all our relationships, including our rela­tionship with God. 

Don't offer your petitions to God without telling Him how grateful you are for what He has already done for you. As parents we are more likely to answer the request of a thankful child than we are a grouchy and ungrateful one. As an employer I want to do even more for employ­ees who are appreciative. Offering our continual gratitude to God for His goodness and mercy in our lives moves Him to want to do even more for us. Our gratitude shows God that we are mature enough to handle even more blessing and responsibility. 

Women often say, “I know my husband loves me, but I wish he would tell me more often." Let's try to be more diligent in telling God and the people in our lives that we love and appreciate them and what they mean to us. 

Prayer Starter: Lord, I thank You and praise You for all the wonderful things you have done for me and are doing right now. I love You and I’m so grateful for You. In Jesus’ name, amen!

Sunday, 23 January 2022 07:22

Argument Free Living - Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer - Watch Message: Argument Free Living. Joyce gives some practical tips on how to have difficult discussions with people without getting into arguments.

Joyce Meyer (January-23-2022) Daily Devotional: You Are a Child of God

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Adoption. This means that by the power of the Holy Spirit we are actually part of God's family. We were once sinners serving the devil, but God redeemed us, purchased us with the blood of His Son, and calls us His own beloved sons and daughters.

Adoption is amazing! Someone who wants a child purposely chooses one and takes them as their own to love and care for. In some instances, this can be even better than being born into a family because when children are born into a family, they are not always wanted. Sometimes their birth results from choices their parents regret. But when children are adopted, they are wanted, specifically picked out, and chosen on purpose.

When we choose to put our faith in Jesus Christ, the new birth brings us into the family of God. He becomes our Father; we become heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ (see Romans 8:16–17). He treats us as a loving, perfect Father. A good father is not silent toward his children. He does many things for them, just as God does for us, including speaking to them to tell them how much he loves them, instructing them, guiding them, warning them, affirming them, and encouraging them. You belong to God; He has adopted you and is now your Father; and He wants to speak to you today. If you have had the painful experience of being rejected or abandoned by your natural parents, let me remind you that God adopts you and takes you as His own child (see Psalm 27:10).

Prayer Starter: Lord, as Your child, help me to always put my faith and trust in You – in all things. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

Saturday, 22 January 2022 07:02

The Big Three - Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer - Watch Sermon: The Big Three. Do you know what is important? Unity is important and so is getting the strife out of our lives. Watch and be inspired to live this way starting today.

Joyce Meyer (January-22-2022) Daily Devotional: Glorious Freedom

Some people say children are gullible, meaning they believe anything, no matter how ridiculous it sounds. But children are not gullible; they are trusting. It is children's nature to trust unless they have experienced something that teaches them otherwise. And another thing we all know about children is that they can enjoy just about anything, even turning work into games.

Our heavenly Father wants us to know that we are His precious little ones and to put our complete faith in Him to care for us. He wants us to take His hand and lean on Him, continually asking for His help. Everything that God calls us to do, He must help us do. He is ready, waiting, and more than willing. But we must come humbly as little children—sincere, unpretentious, honest, open—knowing that without Him, we can do nothing.

As God's children we were never intended to live in bondage of any kind. We should be experiencing glorious freedom and liberty—freedom to enjoy all that God has given us in Christ. He has given us life, and our goal should be to enjoy it. Seek to become and remain childlike with all the simplicity of a child. It will enhance the quality of your life in a most amazing way.

Prayer Starter: Lord, I want to be childlike in my faith, but I need help. Help me trust You with every part of my life. In the Name of Jesus, amen.

Friday, 21 January 2022 05:54

Confronting Your Past - Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer - Watch Sermon: Confronting Your Past. Rejection hurts. Today, Join Joyce and Christine Caine for a helpful conversation about healing from the pain of rejection.

Joyce Meyer - Watch Candid Conversations: Broken Trust. How do you rebuild trust in your life when trust has been severely broken? We’ve all experienced broken trust in one way or another and it’s hard! People will inevitably disappoint us, but with God, you can move forward. Discover what the Bible has to say on broken trust and so much more in this episode of Candid Conversations with Joyce.

Joyce Meyer (January-21-2022) Daily Devotional: Healing for the Brokenhearted

Those who are brokenhearted are broken in their personality. They are unable to function properly because of their wounds. They have been deeply hurt and are unable to move beyond their past pain.

It is important that we don’t merely park at the point of our pain and remain there for the rest of our lives. God is the author of new beginnings, and whether we are wounded due our own sin, or because of the sin of others who have harmed us, we are the only ones who can decide whether to move on or stay parked. Take your life out of park and start moving forward toward the great future God has arranged for you.

The apostle Paul is a great example of someone who kept shaking off the past and pressing forward. He moved past his own sin, past the persecution he received from others as his reward for simply trying to help them, past unfair imprisonment, beatings, abandonment, and many other painful things. He also moved past his own imperfections in his daily walk with God and said that letting go of what was behind was his determined purpose in life.

When we are hurting, moving forward isn’t always easy because our mind and emotions are telling us to just give up. Although change isn’t easy and is often painful, we have only two choices— to endure the pain of change or to endure the pain of never changing. It is easy to see which choice makes the most sense. If there will be pain either way, why not choose the pain of progress?

To keep going forward in the midst of personal pain takes a lot of courage. You may not even want to get out of bed in the morning, let alone be active and do what life requires that day, but if you live by wise choices rather than by your feelings, you can do it.

I vividly remember my father repeatedly telling me, “You will never amount to anything,” but with God’s help, I overcame his negative words. If those who should have affirmed you tore you down with their words, you too can overcome their words by seeing what God says about you and meditating on His words instead. God says many wonderful things about you, things such as: You are fearfully and wonderfully made (Ps. 139:14). You are loved unconditionally (Jer. 31:3) and accepted (John 6:37). You are precious and honored in His sight (Isa. 43:4). His Word includes many similar truths that will build you up and renew your mind so you can think about yourself and your life the way God wants you to.

Don’t settle for less than the best life that God wants to give you. Perhaps you are facing a time of testing in your life right now, and the temptation to quit and give up is strong. Know this: You have what it takes to go through it and experience victory on the other side.

It’s not too late! I’m sure the devil has told you the lie that it is too late for you. However, it is never too late for God to heal and restore anyone who truly wants Him to.

Prayer Starter: Father, in the Name of Jesus, I declare that I will overcome every accusation of the enemy by the Blood of Jesus and the Word of my testimony. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Thursday, 20 January 2022 04:13

Anger Management - Part 4 - Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer - Watch Sermon: Anger Management - Part 4. Where does anger really come from? Today, Joyce shares five common causes and how you can have a more peaceful, positive and joy-filled life!

Joyce Meyer (January-20-2022) Daily Devotional: Enjoy the Righteousness of Christ

The first step in doing anything is choosing to do it. In order to encourage someone, you first choose to look for the best. In order to be at peace, you first choose not to worry. In order to start some- thing new, you first choose to step out and go for it.

You may not know how it’s all going to work out, but you can make some foundational choices today. Begin by saying, Today I choose peace over fear! Today I choose to break that old habit and start a good one! Today I choose not to lash out in anger! Today I choose not to live in the past!

Make a choice, take a step, and never forget to ask for God’s help (His grace) in executing your choice. We can do all things with and through Him, but we can do nothing without Him (see Philippians 4:13).

Prayer Starter: Lord Jesus, I know I can’t always choose what happens around me, but I can choose how to respond. Help me to always respond the way You would have me respond. In Your precious name I pray, amen!

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