Daily Devotionals by Joyce Meyer

Daily Devotionals by Joyce Meyer

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Joyce Meyer (March-29-2020) Sunday Daily Devotion: See Possibilities.

When God called Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt, Moses felt so inadequate that he kept on telling God what he could not do and did not have. God asked him, “What do you have in your hand?” and Moses replied, “A rod.”

It was an ordinary rod that Moses used every day to herd sheep. God told him to throw it down, which was another way of saying, “Give ...

Joyce Meyer (March-28-2020) Daily Devotion: Overcoming the Accuser.

Sometimes the devil complicates the healing process because he bombards your mind with negative thoughts and accusations. He will whisper to your mind accusations such as, “You are so wounded you can never be healed.” Or, “You aren’t worth having a better life than you have right now.” Or, “You deserve the pain you’re going through.” The devil is a liar, and he wants y...

Joyce Meyer (March-27-2020) Daily Devotion: Do It Afraid! 

How would you feel if God told you to leave your home, your family, and everything that is familiar and comfortable to you… to head out to who knows where?

That’s the challenge Abram faced, and it frightened him. But God kept telling him, “Fear not.” He said the same thing to Joshua when He called him to lead the children of Israel to the promised land.

If you w...

Joyce Meyer (March-26-2020) Daily Devotion: Different Kinds of Favor.

There’s a distinction between natural favor and supernatural favor: natural favor can be earned, but God’s supernatural favor can’t.

If you work hard enough and long enough, you can get people to like and accept you most of the time. But that acceptance has to be maintained the same way it was gained. Having to say and do all the right things all the time in ...

Joyce Meyer (March-25-2020) Daily Devotion: Know the Truth.

In my book Battlefield of the Mind, I share a story about Mary and her husband, John, who was a very low-key, laidback person. He had been verbally abused by his mother and taunted by playmates in childhood, so he had grown to hate confrontation, and couldn’t stand up to Mary’s strong will. In his own way, John was as much a prisoner as his wife. He blamed her; she blamed him—...

Joyce Meyer (March-24-2020) Daily Devotion: You Can Be Secure.

Insecurity exists at epic proportions in our society. It seems we come across touchy, insecure people everywhere we go.

Insecurity keeps people so focused on their perceived weaknesses and what others think of them that they can’t enjoy life. They live in constant fear and with a failure mentality because insecurity influences every decision they make.

But g...

Joyce Meyer (March-23-2020) Daily Devotion: Show God’s Love to His People.

Once, I heard a story about a man who went to Russia with good intentions to tell people about the love of Jesus Christ. During his visit, many people were starving. When he found a line of people waiting hopefully to get bread for the day, he began to walk down the line, telling them that Jesus loved them and handing each person a tract with the salvation messa...

Joyce Meyer (March-22-2020) Daily Devotion: Harmony’s Sweet Sound.

One day while I was teaching at a church, God gave me a great picture of what it looks like to live in unity with each other.

First, I asked the entire worship team to return to the platform, and then I requested them to sing and play a song of their choice. I knew, of course, that they would all choose a different song because I hadn’t given any direction on wh...

Joyce Meyer (March-21-2020) Daily Devotion: Keep It Honest.

When I teach people, many times I’ll share things from my life and my family with them. Both Dave and I do our best to be honest about our victories and our failures. We share our mistakes, the stupid things we’ve done, and the wise decisions we’ve made. We want to give the testimony of our lives to hopefully help others live victoriously, too.

Guess what: Someone need...

Joyce Meyer (March-20-2020) Daily Devotion: Worry or Worship?

Worry and worship are polar opposites, and we’d be so much happier if we learned to become worshipers instead of worriers. Worry creates an opportunity for the enemy to torment us, but worship (reverence and adoration of God) leads us into His presence, where we can always find peace, joy, and hope. God created us to worship Him, and I don’t believe we can overcome the press...

This popular American teacher and preacher is happy to share her life experiences with all worshippers and listeners. Joyce Meyer’s daily devotional helps hundreds of people find their way and apply Bible teachings in their everyday lives. In her sermons, the leading preacher reveals many topics that are aimed at changing your thinking, lifestyle and relationships.

Joyce Meyer daily communicates with worshippers and remains totally honest with them. The preacher openly shares her own life experiences, stories about her past and the skills she has gained over many years.

 What does Joyce Meyer talk about in her sermons?

Joyce Meyer in 2020 stays active. She wrote more than a hundred books that have been translated into several dozen languages ​​of the world. The preacher participates in conferences not only in her native country, but also abroad.

Her incredible popularity is well deserved, because Joyce Meyer’s articles help thousands of women to build relationships with God and their loved ones.

The sermon program covers the following topics:

  1. The power of thoughts and words.
  2. The importance of the right attitude.
  3. The influence of spiritual state on relations with people.

Joyce Meyer daily devo is easy to listen. Joyce Meyer maintains such dialogue with her audience that it resembles the conversation of people who know each other for a long time. The information shared by the preacher is the outcome of her life experience. All that Joyce says is the result of her personal feelings. Her sermon helps people find the right path and use other people's knowledge as a guide.

Joyce Meyer devotional is an example of how you should let go of your past. When your heart frees from resentment and pain, you will be reborn on a spiritual level. No problem should become an insurmountable obstacle to your happy future. Sermons will help you find strength for making the first step to your happiness and union with God. You can listen to Joyce Meyer daily devotional 2020 both online and in recording.

How can I listen to Joyce Meyer's sermons?

Joyce Meyer holds dozens of conferences a year in her native St. Louis and other cities. Sermons are available on various resources. Good image and sound quality will help you plunge into the atmosphere and gain more knowledge. You can receive information about Joyce Meyer daily devotional by email, Viber, Telegram.

If you subscribe to the newsletter, you won’t miss any new sermons and will always stay informed. You can listen to conference recordings at any convenient time. If necessary, you can return and rewatch Joyce Meyer daily devotional for today.

Anyone who wants to change their lives will get free access to important knowledge from a leading preacher. The relationship of Joyce Meyer and the Bible is an example of how a person can use the power of salvation and redemption. A difficult life path is not an obstacle to your happy future. To do this, it will be enough to change your thinking and turn to God for help.

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