Daily Devotion
Daily Devotionals of Joyce Meyer

Daily Devotionals of Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer (December-10-2018) Daily Devotion: Make Healthy Choices.

Learn to do everything you do for God's glory, including eating. Look at your dinner plate and ask if what you are about to eat is mostly what God created for you.

Don't view eating as a secular ev...

Joyce Meyer (December-08-2018) Daily Devotion: God's School of Wisdom.

True Christianity goes far beyond mere doctrine. We certainly need to know the principles of our faith in the form of doctrine, but real love for God is so much more than a set of basic beliefs; it is al...

Joyce Meyer (December-07-2018) Daily Devotion: Give Yourself a Gift.

Unforgiveness, bitterness, resentment, or offense of any kind can render us unable to hear from God. The Word of God is very clear on this subject. If we want God to forgive our sins and offenses against H...

Joyce Meyer (December-06-2018) Daily Devotion: Think Positively.

I once interviewed a minister and his wife on our ministry’s television program. I asked the man what his weaknesses were. His answer: “You know, I don’t concentrate on them. I am sure I have some, but I could...

Joyce Meyer (December-09-2018) Today Sunday Daily Devotion: What Do You Think of Yourself? 

Your self-image is like a photo you carry of yourself in your wallet. How you see yourself is a determining factor in what you accomplish in life, so it’s important to learn to ...

Joyce Meyer (December-05-2018) Daily Devotion: Let Go of All Anger.

Everyone has anger from time to time, and understanding it and knowing how to handle it properly is important. Anger begins as a feeling and then manifests itself in words and actions.

You feel some...

Joyce Meyer (December-04-2018) Daily Devotion: The Habit of Prayer.

Many people feel vaguely guilty about their prayer life because they compare themselves to others. God is a creative God and wants each person to have his or her own individual prayer life. Your prayer life...

Joyce Meyer (December-03-2018) Daily Devotion: Keep Walking on the Water!

Let’s focus for a moment on this part of a well-known New Testament story. The disciples were in the middle of the Sea of Galilee at night when they looked up and saw Jesus walking on the water. That ...

Joyce Meyer (December-01-2018) Daily Devotion: The Best Thing for You.

We all have different gifts, but we shouldn’t compare or be jealous of the gifts of others.

I remember hearing one preacher talk of how often he saw Jesus. I had never seen Jesus, so I wondered w...

Joyce Meyer (November-30-2018) Daily Devotion: Staying Power

People who finish well in life are the ones with strong character. As believers, we can be grateful that the Holy Spirit is developing the character in us that we need to do what God calls us to do—we have “stayin...

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