Daily Devotion by Joyce Meyer

Daily Devotion by Joyce Meyer

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Joyce Meyer (May-08-2021) Daily Devotional: The Fruit of the Spirit 

When the Holy Spirit lives inside you, you have everything He has. His fruit is in you. The seed has been planted. God gives each one of us various gifts to use, but in order to use your gifts in the most powerful way as He desires, you must first allow the fruit to grow up and m...

Joyce Meyer (May-07-2021) Daily Devotional: Love, Trust and Faith

Instead of trying so hard to work up faith, we would be wise to spend that time and effort simply receiving God’s love and loving Him in return. We are only going to be able to walk in faith based on whatwe believe about the Father’s love.

Galatians 5:6 says that faith works...

Joyce Meyer (May-06-2021) Daily Devotional: What Is Your Reputation?

You have an inner life and an outer life. Your outer life is your reputation with people. Your inner life is your reputation with God. The Bible says Jesus made himself of no reputation (Philippians 2:7 KJV) because the inner life is what is important to God. The apostle Paul sai...

Joyce Meyer (May-05-2021) Daily Devotional: God’s Unconditional Love for Us

The word, “love” in the general sense, means to be pleased with; to regard with affection.

To many, the words, “I love you” are mere words that hold very little meaning. However, when God says that He loves us, He means it in every way that is important and vital t...

Joyce Meyer (May-04-2021) Daily Devotional: Don’t Assume; Ask God

We all have days when we feel more emotional than usual, and there may be many reasons for that. Perhaps you didn’t sleep well the night before, or you ate something that lowered your blood sugar or that you were allergic to. The occasional emotional day is something we don’t have t...

Joyce Meyer (May-03-2021) Daily Devotional: Facing Fear Head On

One meaning of the word fear is “to take flight,” so when we use the phrase “fear not,” in a very real sense we are saying, “Don’t run away from what frightens you.” Remember, you don’t have to do it in your own strength—God is with you. You can move forward with a grateful assurance ...

Joyce Meyer (May-02-2021) Daily Devotional: You reap what you sow

If you’ve heard the phrase, “you reap what you sow,” or maybe you’ve heard, “what goes around, comes around,” they both mean the same thing.

Basically, these phrases mean that if we sow kindness, we will reap kindness. Or in other words, if we do something nice for someone e...

Joyce Meyer (May-01-2021) Daily Devotional: Don’t Quit

"I've been a Christian for twenty-three years," Cheryl said. I'm just not getting anywhere. I'm as weak as I was when I first accepted Christ as my Savior. I still fail. I just don't know if it's worth it." Tears streamed down her cheeks as she continued to talk about her failures. "By now I k...

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Daily Devotionals by Joyce Meyer 2021

This popular American teacher and preacher is happy to share her life experiences with all worshippers and listeners. Joyce Meyer’s daily devotional helps hundreds of people find their way and apply Bible teachings in their everyday lives. In her sermons, the leading preacher reveals many topics that are aimed at changing your thinking, lifestyle and relationships.

Joyce Meyer daily communicates with worshippers and remains totally honest with them. The preacher openly shares her own life experiences, stories about her past and the skills she has gained over many years.

 What does Joyce Meyer talk about in her sermons?

Joyce Meyer in 2021 stays active. She wrote more than a hundred books that have been translated into several dozen languages ​​of the world. The preacher participates in conferences not only in her native country, but also abroad.

Her incredible popularity is well deserved, because Joyce Meyer’s articles help thousands of women to build relationships with God and their loved ones.

The sermon program covers the following topics:

  1. The power of thoughts and words.
  2. The importance of the right attitude.
  3. The influence of spiritual state on relations with people.

Joyce Meyer daily devo is easy to listen. Joyce Meyer maintains such dialogue with her audience that it resembles the conversation of people who know each other for a long time. The information shared by the preacher is the outcome of her life experience. All that Joyce says is the result of her personal feelings. Her sermon helps people find the right path and use other people's knowledge as a guide.

Joyce Meyer devotional is an example of how you should let go of your past. When your heart frees from resentment and pain, you will be reborn on a spiritual level. No problem should become an insurmountable obstacle to your happy future. Sermons will help you find strength for making the first step to your happiness and union with God. You can listen to Joyce Meyer daily devotional 2021 both online and in recording.

How can I listen to Joyce Meyer's sermons?

Joyce Meyer holds dozens of conferences a year in her native St. Louis and other cities. Sermons are available on various resources. Good image and sound quality will help you plunge into the atmosphere and gain more knowledge. You can receive information about Joyce Meyer daily devotional by email, Viber, Telegram.

If you subscribe to the newsletter, you won’t miss any new sermons and will always stay informed. You can listen to conference recordings at any convenient time. If necessary, you can return and rewatch Joyce Meyer daily devotional for today.

Anyone who wants to change their lives will get free access to important knowledge from a leading preacher. The relationship of Joyce Meyer and the Bible is an example of how a person can use the power of salvation and redemption. A difficult life path is not an obstacle to your happy future. To do this, it will be enough to change your thinking and turn to God for help.