Daily Devotional by Joyce Meyer 2022

Joyce Meyer (February-21-2019) Daily Devotion: Your True Identity.

Identity: The distinct personality of an individual regarded as a persisting entity.

The best way to defeat a lie is to know and speak the truth. The next time the enemy lies to you about who you are and accuses you of being unworthy, declare your identity in Christ. Answer...

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Sermons & Daily Devotions by Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer (February-18-2019) Daily Devotion: Be Proactive. 

Jesus warned His disciples about all that He was to go through, because He knew it would be difficult for them too.

He said, “Pray that you won’t be tempted” (see Matthew 6:13; Matthew 26:41). He didn’t say, “Wait to pray until you have been tempted, or until you have given...

Joyce Meyer (February-16-2019) Daily Devotion: Tear Down Your Walls with Faith.

To avoid pain, some of us build walls around ourselves so we will not get hurt, but that is pointless. God has shown me that it is impossible to live in this world if we are not willing to get hurt. People are not perfect; therefore they hurt and disappoint us, just as...

Joyce Meyer (February-15-2019) Daily Devotion: Take a Laugh Break.

We need to laugh more. It is good for the soul and adds health to our body. One of the reasons we may not laugh more is because we think too much about things that have no ability to bring joy.

Thinking of what I have lost in life is not a joy-bringer, but thinking about wh...

Joyce Meyer (February-14-2019) Daily Devotion: Start a Blessing Box.

Here's an idea: Get yourself a big box and start going through your possessions, asking God to show you what you have that you can use to bless others. Fill it up with things that are nice but that you no longer need.

Look in cabinets, drawers, closets, the basement, and ...

Joyce Meyer (February-13-2019) Daily Devotion: A Winning Combination.

One of my favorite ways to hear from God is through conventional wisdom and common sense. Wisdom discerns truth in a situation, while common sense provides good judgment regarding what to do with the truth. I consider wisdom supernatural because it isn’t taught by men; it is a g...

Joyce Meyer (February-12-2019) Daily Devotion: Fear Not!

Satan is a liar. He lies to people and places images on the picture screen of their minds that show defeat and embarrassment. For this reason, we need to know God’s promises (His Word) so we can cast down the lies of the enemy and refuse to listen to him.

Fear seems to be an epidemic...

Joyce Meyer (February-11-2019) Daily Devotion: Succeed at Being Yourself.

Are you tired of playing games, wearing masks, and trying to be someone other than who you are? Wouldn’t you like the freedom just to be accepted as you are, without pressure to be someone you really don’t know how to be? Would you like to learn how to succeed at being yours...

Daily Devotional by Joyce Meyer 2022