Daily Devotional by Joyce Meyer 2022

Joyce Meyer (January-24-2019) Daily Devotion: Greater Things.

Satan is constantly waging war on the battlefield of the mind.

Our soul is the tangible area between our spirit—the place where God Himself lives—and our physical body. It is made up of our mind, will, and emotions—it tells us what we think, what we want, and how we feel.


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Sermons & Daily Devotions by Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer (January-23-2019) Daily Devotion: Mystery.

A mystery is a profound secret, something wholly unknown or something kept cautiously concealed.

We might say that life is a mystery unfolding. As teenagers and young adults, we try to formulate a plan for the future, but in reality, it is a mystery what our lives will hold.


Joyce Meyer (January-22-2019) Daily Devotion: Positively Possible.

One of the best stories about how faith and confidence in God releases the power of potential took place centuries ago, when many parts of the ancient world were still unsettled.

God promised the people of Israel they would possess a rich and fertile country, known as Canaa...

Joyce Meyer (January-21-2019) Daily Devotion: Something God Responds To.

Giving thanks is an important part of prayer because, like praise and worship, it is something God responds to. It’s something God loves, something that warms His heart. Anytime we please God like that, our intimacy with Him increases—and that makes for a better prayer life.<...

Joyce Meyer (January-20-2019) Daily Devotion: Bearing Fruit.

The Bible says that we are blessed if our confidence is in the Lord. We will be like trees planted by the waters that continue to bear fruit (see Jeremiah 17:7–8).

I admit that sometimes, at the end of a day, we may feel that all of our fruit has been picked! But God will repleni...

Joyce Meyer (January-19-2019) Daily Devotion: Let Your Words Be Positive and Few.

Jesus experienced adverse circumstances all the time, and while He did talk about His situations, He never did so in a negative way.

In the book of John, He told His disciples He was going away, but they should be happy for Him because it was the will of God....

Joyce Meyer (January-17-2019) Daily Devotion: See the Good in People.

God is reminding me today to look for the good in everyone I meet. I have no difficulty locating what is wrong with people, and in fact, I sometimes seem to be an expert at it!

I don’t like being that way and am thankful that in Christ, I can choose another way of living...

Joyce Meyer (January-16-2019) Daily Devotion: Take Responsibility.

Many times in my meetings, someone has asked me to pray for physical healing. I do pray for people, but I also know that many times what people really need is to take personal responsibility for their health and well-being.

Often, their physical problems can be solved by im...

Daily Devotional by Joyce Meyer 2022