Daily Devotional by Joyce Meyer 2022

Joyce Meyer (March-10-2019) Daily Devotion: Having a Willing Heart.

I know what it is like to live in fear. Fear can actually make you sick to your stomach. It can make you so tense and nervous that everyone around you notices that something is wrong; it’s that evident in your facial expressions and your body language.

What’s more, just as...

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Sermons & Daily Devotions by Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer (March-09-2019) Daily Devotion: The Great "I Am".

This awesome scripture holds much more than you may realize at first glance. God is so great there is no way for us to describe Him properly. What was God really saying when He referred to Himself as I AM?

Moses asked a question about God’s identity, and evidently the Lord did n...

Joyce Meyer (March-08-2019) Daily Devotion: Choosing to Persevere.

On difficult days, it is helpful to be reminded to persevere in order to fulfill the call of God on our lives. On those days when you feel like giving up, just remember that God has given you the power to hold on!

In the scripture for today we learn that Timothy was a young...

Joyce Meyer (March-07-2019) Daily Devotion: Jesus' Message Is for Everyone.

Jesus preached the same message of peace to Jew and Gentile alike. He had come to kill the hostility that divided them. Through Him they both had access to the Father. Those who had been outsiders were now included in the household of God.

Have you ever felt like a...

Joyce Meyer (March-06-2019) Daily Devotion: God Hears Our Prayers.

I like the fact that James makes the point that Elijah had a nature like ours. He was imperfect and displayed weaknesses, but God heard and answered his prayers.

He will do the same thing for us. Don’t let Satan convince you that God won’t hear your prayers because you have...

Joyce Meyer (March-05-2019) Daily Devotion: Wait Patiently.

 James starts his epistle writing about patience, and here in the last chapter he writes about patience again. Patience is not just the ability to wait; it is the ability to keep a good attitude while we are waiting.

Patience is a fruit of the Spirit that can only be develope...

Joyce Meyer (March-04-2019) Daily Devotion: Looking at the Whole Picture.

When we focus on what has gone wrong in our lives, it can start to seem that nothing ever goes right, but that is simply not true. You may have had difficult things take place over the course of your life, but the mindset of gratitude realizes that the good times have outnum...

Joyce Meyer (March-03-2019) Daily Devotion: Expect Something New.

 If you get up and do the exact same thing every morning, you may get pretty bored after a month or so. But seeking God when you first wake up is never boring. He will always have a new revelation ready for you to hear.

Keep your expectation fresh by changing what you d...

Daily Devotional by Joyce Meyer 2022