God Our Healer - Joyce Meyer, Paul Osteen

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Monday, 18 December 2017 10:36

The sermon "God Our Healer" - Enjoying Everyday Life - Joyce Meyer  and Paul Osteen (online). Paul Bushey: and I did a lot of things a few years ago I shouldn't have done, and had three heart attacks and two cardiac arrests because of heroin. And that's the night I laid in the hospital and accepted Jesus. Wanda: I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism when I was 12. So, all through my 20s, I was dealing with that. And I had to start taking a beta blocker because my heart was beating too fast. Susanna: I had been having rotator cuff issues for about 6 months, just cranking, sharp pains, just I couldn't reach all the way with my shoulder. Paul Bushey: they had me on the transplant list. I had done a lot of damage in my heart. Started really praying. I started to really get involved in the bible and the church. And you know, as time went by, my faith grew. Wanda: I said, "okay Jesus, I believe your word." And I get up, and I read healing scriptures, and that was about 8 years ago. I have never had another problem with my thyroid. Susanna: just was reminded that the holy spirit lives in me. The power that Jesus has is in me because of him in me. So, I just placed my hand on my shoulder and just prayed over my shoulder, just a really simple prayer. And instantly, like all the shooting pain was gone. 

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God Our Healer -  Joyce Meyer, Paul Osteen
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