I Will Not Fear - Part 1 - Joyce Meyer (October-21-2020)

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Wednesday, 21 October 2020 12:03

Joyce Meyer - Sermon: I Will Not Fear. God loves you, but do you know it deep down? Learn how to trust His love for you in the midst of a problem, rather than riding a roller-coaster of fear and doubt.

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I Will Not Fear - Part 1 - Joyce Meyer (October-21-2020)
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  • Comment Link Beverly kitts Saturday, 24 October 2020 14:50 posted by Beverly kitts

    My husband has pain constantly cause of Covid 19th and heart doctor releases him for surgury as all other 2 released him but heart doctor said if he can put up with the pain I recommend he does not have the surgery til this virus is pretty much gone. That was March 11, 2020 and Tennessee is a hot spot now compared to other months. Still waiting will have to go thru the doctors again cause of insurance . we are covered up in bills and our youngest son is HIV positive but its undetectable lives in Nashville Tn to get treatments and meds from Vanderbuit that are free. Thank God. He has to pay so much for apt with a friend only and you can not make a friend only there when you need someone to talk too . Only 2 friends out of 25 have been there when he needs someone his age to go to have Movie night with DVD OR VCR at his apt. The other roommate is a truck driver now gone 5 days a week. No one to hang out with. My son is 46 and gets depressed without someone to talk too as most people. He doesnt contact us as much cause he works 11 pm til 11 am 5 days a week. Off Sun and Mon. I worry about him
    He's on no meds for being anxiety or anything. He stays busy with knitting or building pallet furniture or learning different ways to keep apt working good and plays piano and sings use to be an entertainer with Dolly Parton and Dollywood and Fire on the Mountain and New Your City tour of Cats for last production of it. He worked at dinner theaters in Florida and worked on Cruise Ship from Florida to Alaska for 6 months. Now FedEx Hub Warehouse worker at Nashville at the Airport area. He likes hard work it keeps his mind busy. Asking for prayers for them. 1 grandson has nothing to do with his Dad my son or us . Told his Dad he was just living his life nothing wrong . that's been since 2013. On graduation he didn't say he was going with his Mom and her family to eat.He didn't tell his Dad. We searched a hour he never answered phone. We left and I was so mad at his actions I kept calling his phone .After another hour he answered and I asked him since he didn't tell us anything we had money and his Dad lives next door to me did too. And if you come you go over to your Dads house first. He did at 11;00 pm then finally came to our house. Saw him 1 time after that he gave me a state quarter I save them . doesn't answer if I call on birthday nor his Dad and when no reason . I would apologize but I know of nothing we have said or done nor his Dad . well that's all. He has not time for his younger son at Other Pappas on Mom side who they go out to eat with him espesciallybsince Pappa Qualms wife died 2 yrs ago. He pays for all of them. Plus my oldest grandson got married and we were not invited...not us nor his Dad. We happened to see it on his girlfriends facebook page. That was about 3 or 4 yrs ago. Nothing now ? Know nothing ? My God I pray too and attend church cause I love it and I want to hear the messages every week like I record your messages after I watch it so I can go back and hear them. I am blessed . I'm highly favor. No matter what happens and tons of husbands health bills I can't pay from social security I pay 1 off start another bill. I don't sweat it. Gods in Control of our lives. He's my Physician my Healer my Problem Solver My Blessed God and Jesus Christ too. I love my Bible read it every morning if I have to wait to do it first my day isn't the same. It fills me with gratitude and love and happiness and wisdom. Praise God for his words .For the Bible. Respectfully Beverly Kitts thank you for listening . Praise the Ministry of Joyce Meyer and your books. I have 3 just ordered Do it Afraid . awesome books I really enjoy reading . THANK YOU MA"AMEN

  • Comment Link Dlamini.Lomthantazo Saturday, 24 October 2020 09:38 posted by Dlamini.Lomthantazo

    Thank you Pastor for the wonderful sermon.God bless you.

  • Comment Link Thombile Friday, 23 October 2020 03:36 posted by Thombile

    I'm asking for prayers, my marriage, my career,wisdom and understanding

  • Comment Link Chilaka Jakob Wednesday, 21 October 2020 13:13 posted by Chilaka Jakob

    Praise the lord 🙏

  • Comment Link S Marbaniang Saturday, 25 July 2020 11:24 posted by S Marbaniang

    I will not fear for God loves me unconditionally.. Please pray for me n for my family.. Thank you for the message.. God bless you.❤

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