Is Your Mouth Saved? - Joyce Meyer (November-27-2020)

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Friday, 27 November 2020 11:20

Joyce Meyer Sermon - Is Your Mouth Saved?

What kind of words are coming out of your mouth? Joyce explains what happens when you complain and what happens when you praise.

In Sermon - Is Your Mouth Saved? Joyce Meyer Says: I'm telling you that you can see tremendous breakthrough in your life just if you will give up complaining. Let's go on a fast. Let's fast all complaining. Joyce Meyer: how many of our problems are the result of our own words? Do you ever really listen to what you say? Or listen to what people say? Because i've been writing on this subject and studying it pretty intently for the past couple of years, i've been paying a lot more attention to the things that people say. One of the things that people say to me all the time, "Joyce Meyer, I love you to death.

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Is Your Mouth Saved? - Joyce Meyer (November-27-2020)
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