Joyce's Thoughts on Tattoos - Joyce Meyer - (Does Joyce Meyer have a Tattoo?)

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Tuesday, 07 February 2023 05:05

Joyce's Thoughts on Tattoos - Joyce Meyer. Ever wondered what Joyce really thinks about tattoos? Watch the video below! (Does Joyce Meyer have a Tattoo?)

Holiness Is Not Legalism. Whatever People Used To Think Holiness Was, It Just Became A Mess And A Nightmare, And Really Turned A Lot Of People Off Because Holiness Became Not Smoking, Not Drinking, Not Cussing, Not Dancing, Not Playing Cards, Not Going To Parties, Not Wearing Pretty Clothes, Not Wearing Any Makeup, No Jewelry, Not Having A Nice Hairstyle.

You Had To Cut Or Not Cut Your Hair Depending On Which Brand Or Religion You Followed, And God Forbid That You Have A Tattoo Or, If You’re A Man, Put An Earring In Your Ear. I Mean, That Will Just Put The Religious People Over The EdgeCome On, I’ve Been There, Done That. “Well, Look At Those Tattoos.” “Well, You See That Man Wearing That Earring.Now, You Know, I Really Don’t Have Time To Do This Justice, But--In Isaiah 44:5, It Says, “One Will Say, ‘I Am The Lord’s,’ And Another One Will Call Himself By The Name Of Jacob And Another Will Write Or Even Brand Or Tattoo Upon His Hand, ‘I Belong To The Lord.’ “Well, Now, There’s Some Scriptures - In There Somewhere That Tell You Not To Do That.

Yeah, And This Is Where It’s At.

Leviticus 20:28, Misquoted, Which Says, “You Shall Not Make Any Cuttings In Your Flesh For The Dead, Nor Print Or Tattoo Any Marks On You For The Dead.” You Know, We Just Pick Stuff Out Of Here And Leave Out What We Want To, And The Bible Says In Isaiah 49 That God Has A Picture Of You Tattooed On The Palm Of His Hand.

I’m Right On The VergeOf Going And Getting A TattooRight Back Here.

“I Belong To The Lord.”

You’ll Go With Me, Won’t You?

I Thought, “I Might As Well Just Push All The Religious People Just Right Off The Cliff And Get It Over With.”It Took Dave A Little While To Get Used To That Idea.

He Was Like, “I Don’t Know.

Isn’t That Wrong?” He Said.

“Doesn’t It Say In The Bible Not To Do That?”

Why Would I Do That?

Just To Make Religious Demons Mad, No Other Reason.

‘Cause I Lived In So Much Bondage

From Legalism.

And Everything About Legalism Is Something You Can’t Do.

Let Me Tell You Something, It Is Not Boring To Serve Christ.

It Is So Much Fun, And There Is So Much You Can Do.

And Not Only That, You Can Enjoy All Of It!

Hey, Can I Tell You Something?

We’re Having More Fun In Here Tonight Than Any One Of Us Ever Had Getting Drunk And Having A Hangover.

Now, This Is Good, Clean Fun.

And I’ve Made You Laugh More Than Any Comedian You Ever Went To See That Told Dirty Jokes.

 Oh, You Ought To See Some Of The Stuff In Here.

I Mean-- In Ezekiel 16:9, There Was A Big Feast And A Celebration And God Put Earrings On All Of ‘Em And Nose Rings...
Well, If I Go And Show You, You’ll Just Be Here Later, So I’ll Just Give You The Scripture.

You Can Look It Up.

Ezekiel 16:9 Through 13.

Then In Another Place, He Punished The Israelites For Wearing Earrings Because They Were Doing It At The Feast To Baal.

So Here’s The Bottom Line, It’s All About Your Motive And Why You’re Doing Things.
And You See, We Can’t Look At The Outside Of Somebody And Decide For Ourselves That They’re An Evil Person Because We Don’t--They Don’t Look Like We Look Or Say Things The Way We Say Them Or Have Their Hair The Color We Have Our Hair.
That’s Why So Many People Today Don’t Want Anything To Do With The Church, ‘Cause All They Get Is Criticism And Judgement.

Well, You’re Not Like Me.

Thank God.
We Need A Little Change.

We Need A Little Shaking Up, Amen?

I Told Dave, I Said, “Well, You Know, If I Do Decide To Get A Tattoo, I’m Gonna Get It Back Here Where Nobody Can See It.” He Said, “Oh, You’ll Show Everybody.” And I Will.

I’ll Be Up Here Going, “Look At That.”
Well, We’ll Have A New News Article: “Meyer Gets Tattoo.”
And I Got Earrings And Pretty Clothes And Makeup, And You Ought To Be Glad I Got It!
I Mean, Why In The World Would We Think That God Is Color-Less And Boring And Wants Everything To Be Ugly And No Fun And Just Give You A Bunch Of Rules And Regulations.

Let Me Tell You Something, The Bible Says That God Sits In The Heavens And Laughs, And He Put A Laugh In Every One Of Us Because He Expects Us To Use It.

We Need To Laugh And Laugh And Laugh And Laugh And Laugh And Laugh And Laugh.
And Laugh And Laugh And Laugh And Laugh.
So We Need To Pursue Holiness.

We Need To Add Works To Our Faith.

We Need To Realize That We’re The Billboard For God.

People Want To See You Happy.

People Are Desperate To Be Happy.

They Don’t Need A Bunch Of People Calling Themselves Christians That Look Like They’ve Been Baptized In Prune Juice.
I Read A Little Story Recently, And I’ll Tell You This And End With This.

A Little Girl Went To Visit Her Grandfather, Who Happened To Be A Very Religious Man, And He Owned A Farm, And She Began To Walk Around The Farm And See The Different Animals, And She Went To The Chicken Yard And Saw The Chickens Just Kicking Up All The Dust And, You Know, Flying Around, And She Said, “Well, The Chicken Ain’t Got It.”

And He Thought, “Ain’t Got What?”

So Then She Saw A Horse Out In The Field And He Was Running And Seemed To Be Doing Good, And She Said, “Well, Grandpa, He Ain’t Got It.”

Saw The Cow And He Was Eating Grass--”Well, He Ain’t Got It.” And Then She Went In The Barn And Saw This Long-Faced, Long-Eared, Droopy-Eared Donkey.

And She Said, “He’s Got It!

He’s Got It!” And Her Grandpa Said,

“What Are You Talking About?” She Said, “Grandpa, He’s Got Religion. He Looks Like You!” Come On, Let’s All Get Up. Oh, Don’t You Just Feel Like A Fresh Breeze Just Blew Through. Amen.

All Right, I Love You Guys. I Pray For You That You Will Grow And Grow And Grow And Pursue Holiness.


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Joyce's Thoughts on Tattoos - Joyce Meyer - (Does Joyce Meyer have a Tattoo?)
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