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Joyce Meyer (May-18-2019) Motivation: Salvation. We give God all our sin and all our misery and He gives us all His righteousness and all His peace. What a trade! Start your journey with Christ


In this sermon shepherd Joyce Meyer talks about being self centered. She says that if God has put something on your heart to change in yourself, He won’t go away or change His mind. Joyce shows you how to start responding for God’s calls for self-improvement.


Joyce Meyer (May-18-2019) Daily Devotion: Getting Off the Performance Treadmill.

As long as we are on what I call the “performance treadmill,” we will inevitably suffer with disappointment in ourselves. We will feel that we have not performed as expected. We did not get an...

Joyce Meyer (May-17-2019) Motivation: You Are Complete in Him. Joyce shares through her experience how Jesus can deliver us from anything: cancer, fear, panic, loss of strength... You are not incomplete; you are made complete in Christ!


Joyce Meyer (May-17-2019) Sermon: Taking Better Care of Yourself. Discover how a few simple changes in your daily routine can help you take better care of yourself and make you feel great! A few simple changes in your daily routine can make you feel great! Join Joyce as she ...

Joyce Meyer (May-17-2019) Daily Devotion: Hang Tough.

In Galatians 6:9, “losing heart” and “fainting” refer to giving up in the mind. The Holy Spirit tells us not to give up in our mind, because if we hold on, we will eventually reap good things.


Joyce Meyer (May-16-2019) Motivation: God Will Do Something for You. Life is unfair, but God is just. Tune in this week as Joyce shares how to let God take the wrong things in your life and make them right


Joyce Meyer (May-16-2019) Sermon: It's Time to Push - Part 2. Joyce shares what it means to be faithful and how we can display this Fruit of the Spirit outwardly in our lives.


Dear friends, we are pleased to offer you a collection of preachings by the famous Christian preacher Joyce Meyer. We made every effort to make the section of the site "Joyce Meyer Sermons" as complete and convenient for your use. When new videos appear on the official channel of the attendant, we add them to the site as soon as possible.

Sermons of Joyce Meyer

What is Joyce Meyer preaching?

For many years of Joyce Meyer’s sermon ministry she has written and read many preachings, the total number is more than 1000. Although there is no common theme for her preachings, but they can be categorized into several large groups:

  • about the power of thought and words
  • about the importance of right thinking
  • about the emotional and spiritual state of a person
  • Bible study
  • about financial well-being
  • about family relations

Many of Joyce Meyer's sermons are divided into cycles

Over the past few years, Joyce Meyer has slightly changed the principle of preaching, now most of her preachings are organized into groups (cycles), each of which is dedicated to a particular ministry.

Who is Joyce Meyer preaching to?

The ministry of the well-known preacher gathers many thousands of people from various social branches:

  • workers, private entrepreneurs
  • large and small businessmen
  • servants of the church and international missions
  • people with big and small incomes

and everyone can hear a word that touches his life. The principle of the presentation of sermons from Joyce Meyer is very simple - she communicates with the audience - this is a kind of interactive process. Her preaching is very reminiscent of a simple conversation with an audience, in which she often touches situations of personal life, personal experience and experience with God. The purpose of Joyce Meyer's sermons is to share her experience with others, to give people the opportunity to apply these revelations and knowledge in everyday life.

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