Kenneth Copeland youtube

Kenneth Copeland youtube

Kenneth Copeland (May-30-2018) Today Is Your Day of Salvation and Healing. Today is your day of salvation and healing! On this episode of Believer’s Voice of Victory, Kenneth Copeland teaches that through Jesus, the living WORD of God, you have access to salvation, deliverance, healing and more. By Jesus’ Name, blood, authority and word, you can accomplish all that He has promised you!

Kenneth Copeland (May 29, 2018) - Your Faith Makes You Whole. Jesus worked by faith while He lived on the earth. And guess what? He still works by faith today! Kenneth Copeland teaches why faith is necessary for you to receive anything from Jesus—forgiveness, deliverance and healing. Tune in to Believer's Voice of Victory, and learn why faith is so important and how your faith makes you whole. 

Kenneth Copeland (May-28-2018) The Power of God Is Present to Heal You. There’s good news: The power of God is present to heal you right now! Healing and deliverance belong to you. You don’t have to try to get healed and delivered, you only need to receive what Jesus has already provided. In this episode of Believer’s Voice of Victory, Kenneth Copeland teaches more about receiving all Jesus has provided.

Kenneth Copeland (May-24-2018) What God Says About Your Healing. Kenneth Copeland finishes this week’s series "How to Walk in Your Healing" by sharing Bible verses and prayer for healing. Watch this Believer’s Voice of Victory episode and discover what God says about your healing.

Kenneth Copeland (May-23-2018) Take The WORD of God Like Medicine. If you’re believing God for your healing, then it’s time to get serious. It’s time to take The WORD of God like medicine. In this episode of Believer’s Voice of Victory, Kenneth Copeland teaches you how important Bible study and biblical confession are to your healing. Tune in, and learn how to apply The WORD to your health!

Kenneth Copeland (May-22-2018) Jesus Forgives and Heals. What do forgiveness and healing have to do with one another? Jesus forgives and heals. Watch as Kenneth Copeland shares how holding on to unforgiveness can be preventing your healing, and what to do about it, in this episode of Believer’s Voice of Victory. Yes, God heals, but walking in forgiveness is vital to you receiving your healing. Don’t miss it!

Kenneth Copeland (May-21-2018) Receive Your Healing by Faith and Love. Faith and love work together in the kingdom of God, and in this episode of Believer’s Voice of Victory, Kenneth Copeland shares a truth he has learned about faith, love and healing. He’s learned that if you want to receive your healing, you must walk by faith, and you must live by love. Watch to learn more about this important spiritual connection.

Kenneth Copeland (May-20-2018) Jesus Heals Today and He Is Inside You. The healing power of God is working in you right now! Do you believe it? Are you ready to receive your healing by faith? If so, watch this episode of Believer’s Voice of Victory with Kenneth Copeland. Hear what The WORD of God has to say about your healing through Jesus Christ, who lives inside you. Don’t miss this episode.

Kenneth Copeland (May-03-2018) The Key to Answered Prayer. Have you ever wondered why some prayers seem to be answered and others don’t? The key to answered prayer is one thing, and one thing only! Today on the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast, Kenneth Copeland will put that key into your hands, and all you have to do is use it!  

Kenneth Copeland (May 1, 2018) - How to Take Authority Over Your Words. Today, join Kenneth Copeland on Believer’s Voice of Victory, and you will learn how to take authority over your words. When you do, you will change your life through the creative, spiritual power of what you say. Yes, your words can make all the difference in your world!

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