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How to Pray in the Spirit of Faith - Kenneth Copeland (May-27-2019)

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How to Pray in the Spirit of Faith - Kenneth Copeland (May-27-2019)

Kenneth Copeland (May-27-2019) Sermon: How to Pray in the Spirit of Faith. Not sure how to pray for your situation so you can get results? Watch Kenneth Copeland (as previously aired) on Believer’s Voice of Victory, and find out how to pray in the spirit of faith. Allow the Holy Spirit, who is Wisdom, to pray the most perfect and effective prayer through you!

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Kenneth and Gloria Copeland understand just how life-changing the message of faith is. They started out just like any of us—struggling with continual lack, debt, sickness and discouragement.

Then they decided to trust God and base their lives on His Word. If a situation in their lives didn’t line up with what they read in the Bible, they changed what they did. Every time.

That decision made all the difference. They soon began to experience THE BLESSING—joy...

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