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Bill Johnson - Watch Sermon: Developing Your Personal History With God. If you make history with God, God will make history through you. In this sermon clip, Bill Johnson shares on the importance of developing your own history with God and building relationship with Him. Sharing from his own personal experience and significant moments of encounter, Bill teaches us to value the Word of God and His Presence, explaining that our history with God brings strength to our lives today. It is never too late to begin developing your personal history with God.

Bill Johnson - Watch Sermon: The House of God. What is the house of God? In this sermon clip, Bill Johnson talks about the open Heaven that Jacob experienced in Genesis 28, after which he declared “This is none other than the house of God; this is the gate of Heaven”. Bill expounds on the nature of the house of God, and teaches that God’s desire has always been that you and I would be the house of God; perfectly positioned on the edge of two worlds to display His glory, that others may also come to know Him and experience the reality of Heaven. Jesus is our ultimate example in what it looks like to be the house of God.

Bill Johnson - Watch Sermon: The Importance of Obeying God, Regardless of the Outcome. It’s easy to obey God when you are sure of what the outcome of that obedience will be, but what about when the outcome is not clear, or when things turn out differently than you expected? In this full sermon, Bill Johnson teaches from Judges 20 and the importance of developing a heart of willingness to obey God, regardless of the outcome. A lifestyle of obedience to God provides us with a clean conscience, and establishes in us confidence in God and His goodness.

Bill Johnson - Watch Sermon: How to Win Your Battle in the Wilderness. You are equipped to win your battles! In this sermon clip, Bill Johnson teaches from Jesus’ encounter with the devil in the wilderness and how He overcame temptation and won. Learning from Jesus’ example, you will realize that you too are equipped and ready to win your own battles in the wilderness.

Bill Johnson - Watch Message: The Sound of Heaven. What does Heaven sound like? Bill Johnson shares from Acts 2 on the day of Pentecost. A sound from Heaven, as a rushing mighty wind, drew people from all over the city and led to 3000 salvations in one day. Bill shares on the sound of Heaven that is released when believers come together in unity, yielded to the Spirit of God. It is enough to impact a city!

Bill Johnson - Watch Sermon: Divine Health Is Your Inheritance, Divine health is our legal inheritance through the sacrifice of Christ. Bill Johnson teaches from Scripture and shares testimonies revealing God’s desire for His people to walk in complete freedom and divine health. If the Israelites experienced divine health in the wilderness under the Old Covenant, how much more available it is to us now under the New Covenant! Just because we may not have experienced it yet doesn’t mean it’s not available to us. Through faith and intimacy with the Holy Spirit, we must continually lean into this reality that Jesus made possible for us.

Bill Johnson - Watch Sermon: Character & Impartation: Why You Need Both. God is always looking to see how much of His glory we can carry, and character is what determines that measure. In this sermon clip, Bill Johnson teaches on the impartation of spiritual gifts, and the importance of character in stewarding those gifts. Many people want to receive by impartation things that can only be developed through character. Both character and impartation are important parts of the normal Christian life.

Bill Johnson - Watch Sermon: How God Plans to Heal and Redeem the Planet. In this sermon clip, Bill Johnson teaches how God’s plan is to heal the planet, not destroy it, and that His plan is to bring healing through His sons and daughters. The Gospel we received is a gospel of healing and redemption, and Jesus promised that miracles, signs, and wonders would follow those who believe. Let the Holy Spirit empower you and fill with the boldness of the Gospel as you co-labor with Him to walk in Jesus’ footsteps, to bring redemption and healing to a hurting world.

Bill Johnson - Watch Message: How to Pray in a Way That Stands in the Gap. How can you pray in a way that stands in the gap? Token prayers get token answers. In this sermon clip, Bill Johnson teaches on the importance of intercessory prayer and how to truly pray in a way that stands in the gap and brings transformation and redemption.

Bill Johnson - Watch Sermon: The Importance of Favor and Why You Need It. Mary was called highly favored of the Lord, but that favor came with both blessing and challenge. In this sermon clip, Bill Johnson talks about favor and our need for it. If Jesus increased in favor with both God and man, then we certainly need to.

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